Friday, July 30, 2010

random Fone Fun

some moments that could only be captured with my phone.
since the my cameras were no where to be found.
but how convenient to have a camera on the pull out at an instant and "click."
it's fun to pull it out at an instant and have fun recorded:)

let's see...
random memories.

1. our first walk together in storm lake, last fall.
we had just moved here.
i was amazed with the crops and the rainbow.

2. first grocery shopping trip in Storm Lake...i believe it was our first grocery trip EVER in our married life;)
3. one of the first subbing jobs i had at the school.
i was hired to go on a nature walk with the kids.
they ended up having me play dodgeball most of the time,
and then being the caboose of the hiking group.
4. awww, i remember this one. this was during winter,
and it was my first auction i'd ever been to.
i stayed for hours to get a bid on this lap and we got it!
(and the chair. ryan loves his chair.)
i think these both made the flood? i'm not sure...
5. our home during the winter.
i do NOT look forward to these months.
first time in my life to ever dread Christmas;).
i hate the cold.
i miss the south.

6. si si and baby during one of my paperwork trips with the Teh family.
7.luis caught a bunny and all the kids passed it around.
my first instinct was, "AUGH! where's the hand sanitizer?!?!"
and then i was more like, "fine, i'll take pics, but don't give me the bunny...:)"
8. oh, haha, this is me pre haircut. i had a mullet/japanese ninja haircut.

9. right before we left for Kansas...this storm was brewing over Storm Lake.
10. at the insurance office after flooding. luis came with us and found all the thomas trains.
he had a blast.
oh and the googly eyes.:)
11. coffee/slushee date with these two:) special special young ladies.
it was a beautiful day.
12. me and Baby, isn't she darling??
13. my stud of a husband;).
14. i had to beg for this hair band back. :)
well, that's all for now. i just wanted to post these lil pics before i wiped clean my memory card in my phone.
what random phone pics do you have?


Anne said...

Maggie was looking at these pictures with me, and now is obsessively parroting "Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion, Lion..." You get the idea. ;) lol

Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

hey!! thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'm your newest follower! :)

kBr said...

lol, maggie can make anyone's day with her few selection of words:)

thanks for stopping in, maria!

Becca said...

awwww, such good times!

The Girl Creative said...

So glad that you liked Beat Until Fluffy. :) I've known Dawn since Jr. high and she's just great. I know you are going to really enjoy her blog. :) xoxo