Monday, January 21, 2013

Gene machine

Back when we were dating, oh, 7 years ago, one of our favorite places to go was Dave and Busters. 
We'd have a meal and then play a bunch of games to get points for prizes.
It was seriously like the Chucky Cheeses for college students. 
We mostly played the games that could score us lots of points to trade in for a prize, but sometimes we'd try a few of the other things like the shooting gallery or the photo booths.
One of the funniest photo booths was the Gene Machine...and we tried it out to see what our future  children could look like.

We weren't too pleased with the outcome of our our futuristic child could look like.
We named this picture child, Jack Jack Attack, because, well, he kinda looks like he could attack and bite you in a second's notice. 
Not to mention he came out wearing amish clothing...
and if you look really closely, he's got tiny teeth that could, well, rip you apart.

Anyways, we've kept this pic on our fridge the past 3 1/2 years of our marriage, always joking about Jack Jack and if our kids ended up looking like him.
but here we are almost 20 weeks into our pregnancy and in the next couple weeks, we'll find out what the baby is.
I guarantee our baby won't come out looking like a vampire baby ready to attack (at least i hope not!) or wearing amish clothing.
But whether it's a boy or girl, we're thrilled to meet him or her and we will think the child is beautiful, because how incredible is it- this baby is made of the both of us! Mind blowing miracle.
I'm excited to see what our baby will look like:
tan with brown hair and hazel eyes?
lighter skin with darker hair and deep brown eyes?
dark tan with red hair and green eyes? (yikes! a little creepy.)
tan with dirty blond hair and blue eyes? (probably unlikely, but has happened before!)
however Baby BB looks, he or she will be the most loved little one in the world...and will be absolutely adorable;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

overview through iphone pics

Here are the last of my Christmas posts.
I've been a little homesick, wishing i were in SC with my family, so I started flipping through my pics on my iphone and reminiscing about life in the south.

We met my little sister's new man in her life. apparently, Taylor Swift has given up on Harry, so Ashley was there to comforting his broken heart. So much so that we got to meet him on this trip. Ryan was feeling pretty protective of Ashley, which explains the snarl on his face. 
So little unknown fact about my family and i - we like video games. in fact, i have pics as a toddler playing the Super Mario on the first nintendo system. Now, my parents did a great job of limiting our video game time (we could only play on weekends or days with no school) and they kept us really active both physically and mentally, so we weren't couch potatoes that ate junk food all day.
Having said that, we always enjoy some kind of interactive video game. Each year, we seem to have a different one. One year it was guitar hero, Beatles rock band, Just Dance 2, 3, and this year 4. But added to that, we've played alot of Xbox Kinect (Marvels Avengers-fighting as Thor or Iron Man, heck yeah!) as well as going old school with some Galaga late into the nights. we battled in Galaga every night, which is something we used to do back when I was in high school too.
Here are sibling shots. 
snuggling with Pey.
silly faces with ash.
going out for Fro-yo.
getting ready in the bathroom together.
freaking out about the first episode of walking dead. (but now, Ryan and I are HOOKED onto the show...the suspense is killing me.)
 You've heard me talk about mom's cooking.
Thing is, it's not just her cooking that's's the atmosphere she creates when we all sit down to enjoy a meal together.
It just brings us all together to sit down and talk, laugh, and enjoy good food.
Best parts of the day is when we're gathered around the table.
Some of our best childhood memories is sitting at the table with the family.
 Eating out pics.
the options of places to eat in storm lake pretty much suck, so when we leave town, we always enjoy other food experiences. 
 and lastly, our airport pics...
we always sit and wait til the very last second that we can stay together, before going through security.
We always grab coffee or something to eat while we're there waiting, and then we take these last shots.
I love flying into or out of Savannah. It's my favorite little airport.
Whenever I land there I feel like I'm home.
Whenever I fly out of there, it's just not as depressing as leaving from Charleston (i think the bright lights and big glass windows help).

 and there ya go...
the last of the pics from the trip home.
Can't wait til we go back.
I'm ready to go ASAP;)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

cuppy cakes, minute to win it games, and secret santa

A little late posting, but I'm trying to catch up with all the pics I took over break.
Our New Years celebration has become a yearly tradition with family friends of ours. 
We've known them since their boys were little and have been celebrating New Years Eve with them for years!

Look at the sweet cupcakes Ms. Sue made for us! The green and yellow baby flowers and handprints were in honor or Baby BB and the white cupcakes with mustaches were in honor of Ilene and Ryan's marriage. Looooove 'em! Aren't they so sweet??
We always play Minute to Win it games all the way through the night. 
This year, we had a competition between the two families...however, our family seems to be getting larger each New Years, so we might have to start doing three way competitions;)
Each year, we have a kid pic and a parents day i want to dig out the old pics and put them side  by side so we can see how we've all changed, grown, and added to the picture;)
Oh! and here's a pic with seemed that every other guy here was named Ryan. In between my hubby and I is another Ryan:) He is now a United States Marine protecting and fighting for our country. I have a soft spot in my heart for the military, since I grew up a military brat, and I couldn't be prouder that this Ryan is a marine now too!
and of course, we made a toast and prayed over the New Year!
We're very thankful for our dear family friends, and it's always something for my Ryan and I to look forward to when we get to see them! My Ryan has been a part of this celebration for the past few years, so it's really been a blast that he knows our close family friends and loves celebrating with us as well.
And lastly, on New Years Eve, my family has a Secret Santa gift exchange. A day or so before New Years Eve, we draw names for our gift exchange. When we get home from the Cerrillos, usually minutes before the ball in NYC drops, we hurry and grab our gifts, get more sparkling cider poured, and then countdown with the people in New York. Once the ball drops, we take our pics, both kissy and non kissy, take our cider drinking pics, and then do our gift exchange. 
and each year, we seem to have one more person to do add into the Secret Santa. It's so fun sharing these life long family traditions with our spouses!

New Years Day, we puttered around the house as ilene and Ryan packed up their stuff, had brunch with us, and took off to their second honeymoon. We stocked them up with snacks and drinks for the road, raided ilene's closet for the stuff she wasn't moving out with, and sat on her bed and watched her run around the house, gathering all her stuff to pack. (when you elope, you don't pre pack all your stuff before you! So she did her packing this morning.) 
 We always take New Years Day just to chill around the house...which nowadays, I can't get enough of! Here are our final sister and boys pics before we said goodbye.
and here's the very last day that the Christmas tree counts. New Years Day. 
I love our tree and all the memories it holds...we each have an ornament from each year growing up. 
and here's to a blessed new year!
Can't wait to see what God has for us this year!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

skyping for her 24th

 Happy birthday to our seester, Katie!!!!!!! (Ryan's little sister!)
She turned 24 yesterday and we got to see her on skype and tell her Happy birthday in person!

Here's my favorite awkward family photo...don't we just look like the happiest expecting couple?;)
hahahaha, just kidding. however, I love this pic because it's so happy and we were laughing the whole time we were taking it.
Katie, we love you so much! Ryan and I always look forward to the next time we get to talk and laugh with you. Each time we see you, it makes saying bye to you harder and harder. Whether we're shopping, driving, eating, or playing a game, I cherish those times with you! 
Thanks for making life brighter for both your brother and I!
We can't wait to see what God's got planned for you this year.
We love you and can't wait to see you!!!!!!

Happy 24th birthday, Katie!

Family FOTO 2013

Every year, we seem to have an addition to our annual family photo. A pet, a child, or a spouse.
This year, we welcomed my sister's husband, Ryan, to our family. 
But of course, family pictures don't go without glitches.
This year, our dog decided he didn't need to be a part of the family picture. He was constantly wriggling, running, and desperately trying to get back into the house. 
I usually am the one that wrestles him into the family pic, but supposedly as a prego woman, i'm not supposed to lift more than like 15 pounds.

By the last couple shots, I was like, "whatever, i'm grabbing him!"
And here we are...blooper pics, funky pics, and some of the better shots;) 

Next year, we'll have another addition to our family photo. 
Baby BB will be in the pic with us next year! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

17 weeks

After many attempts of trying to get a pic of my ever growing baby bump, I finally just submitted to the ones that we caught on camera. 
Apparently, my puppy thought I was crazy taking pictures of myself as I stood there clicking as he kept trying to get my attention. 
But here we are at 17 weeks of pregnancy!

Here are my symptoms at 17 weeks:

Fatigue: not really too fatigued anymore. Exhaustion simmered down and I honestly feel like I can take the world by storm. I have THAT. MUCH. ENERGY. I used to hit a wall at 6 A.M, but the past couple weeks at home and here, I've been able to stay up waaaaay past my bedtime...maybe to stay up for just one more  episode of The Walking Dead.

Food Cravings: I haven't had too many cravings for anything, however my appetite is back and in full swing. I'm happily eating, and slowly going back to my usual healthy choices of food. My food aversion in the past kept me from wanting anything healthy related, but it's all coming back to me and I'm thrilled! (now, to just get back in the gym to keep off any extra weight...)

Nausea: Not feeling it at all! Like I said, I feel good!

I'm loving this stage of pregnancy. Being at home with my family seemed to rejuvenate me in numerous ways - especially eating my mom's amazing cooking each meal. I can't even tell you how scrumptious everything she makes it. But I believe it triggered my hunger stage and allowed me to eat well again!

I bought my first couple pairs of maternity pants - mom found them for a great price and great style...I dare you to guess which of my pants are maternity and which are regular skinny pants! Didn't think I'd need them for a couple more weeks, but after working in a couple of my skinny pairs, the waist band is getting kinda tight! Might be taking those babies out sooner than I thought:) 

Yay for 17 weeks! My baby is supposed to be as big as a red onion and about 5 ounces. We're almost to the gender reveal week, which we'll hit at 20 Weeks of pregnancy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Each time we go home, we always have a night of grilling steaks, chicken, shrimp, veggies, etc...
usually we use dad's big propane grill, but we wanted to introduce him to the significant taste of charcoal grilling - which, is by far, better than any other kind of grilling. The taste of smoke and charcoal and mesquite...mmmm...amazing. Our friends gave us their grill and we went at it.

We always just hang out back while the guys cook. Ashley brought out her guitar and serenaded us with song as we tried to sing along. Dad always provides coffee all around...usually, it's one of my favorite parts of grilling outside, but this year I had to pass, since I've given up caffeine throughout my pregnancy.
 Inside, it was craziness as everyone was running around getting things ready to eat. So loud, hilarious, and fun. [ilene's]Ryan grilled corn with parmesan cheese and chili powder and butter, and we enjoyed some before dinner (just to make sure it tasted great;)).
With all the talking, craziness with everyone moving around, and dancing and laughing, we sat down at the table and there was silence, except for mmm's and wows...the only time there's silence at our dinner table is when the food is DE-LI-CIOUS. and it WAS.
Oh, i can't wait to grill with the family again. 
It's always such a wonderful time.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Gamboa Christmas 1 & 2

Ryan and I made it on the last flight out to Savannah.
We actually missed our connecting flight in Atlanta because our flight out of Wichita was late and we were planning on staying the night in Atlanta (courtesy of Delta airlines...we got the hotel vouchers, reimbursement vouchers, and food vouchers:))
After enjoying a relaxing meal in Chili's in the airport, we thought we'd check the stand by status for the last flight out...after waiting quite awhile, we were the last two called for the flight and by midnight Thursday night, we were in SAvannah hugging my family and talking excitedly on the way home to Beaufort.

This little guy is always a welcome sight when I come my little brother, Peyton.
So, even though we got home at around 1:30 in the morning, we were so hyped up and excited about being together (Minus our big sister Ilene, who recently got married [eloped to Maui!] and was with her new hubby in Atlanta), so we decided to open Christmas presents to one another.

Look at the top left's one of my favorite pictures ever-i love seeing mom and dad laugh, and love that I caught it on camera. Makes me so happy. Clothes, giftcards, an Xbox 360, biking equipment, and a 3/4 guitar later, we were just so happy to be back together. 
Ashley, Ryan, Peyton, and I stayed up til an hour I haven't reached since college days, and then crashed and slept in in my own bed.
Life at home is great.

Later the next day, we were grocery shopping with our mom, when my my big sister and her new hubby turned a corner and surprised us. Needless to say, the entire commissary (military grocery store) thought we were being assualted or something when we let out screams of excitement. After reassuring the staring bystanders that we were fine, we jumped on Ilene and her hubby (his name is Ryan too) and were thrilled with their surprise. They stayed a few days and joined us til New Years Day.
We had them open their Christmas presents after dinner, which was fun all over again to give and recieve gifts. It was our first Christmas with [ilene's] Ryan, so that was kinda fun having a new family member! 
 There's something different and wonderful about returning home to my family. 
Maybe it's mom and dad's distinct and wonderful hospitality.
Maybe it's the laughter and conversation that never seems to end, whether it's early morning or late at night.
Maybe it's the silliness that my sisters and I bring when we're all together.
Whatever it is that makes being home with my family different than anywhere else in the world, makes coming home just that. much. better.

And this is only the first of the picture posts with my family.
Merry Christmas from the Gamboa side!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas memories with the Brandenbergers

Christmas eve with the Brandenbergers always involve these things:
-a Little bit of last minute shopping (running to the grocery store, last minute presents, stocking stuffers, etc...)
-Driving around to Christmas music and looking at Christmas lights
-Tv shows (Home Improvement marathon!)
-Christmas movies
-Christmas cookies and fudge (Ryan's FAVORITE baked goods:) His mom's got the best sugar cookies ever...)
-Pictures (of course! Pajama pictures!)

This was Alexio's first Christmas, so we got him his first pajamas-a onsies with a butt pocket and buttons and everything...we loved it, he thought it was a punishment. Notice how mopey and sad he looks in all the pictures. We thought he was quite charming and snuggly in his pajamas:) 
Christmas day was a relaxing day of opening presents, traditional Christmas dinner, playing with Alexio, and watching tv shows and movies.
Most importantly, we just enjoyed being together as a family and tried to cherish the time that we had.
 Whenever we go back to Kansas, we can always expect relaxation. It's a cozy warm atmosphere, and coffee and creamer is always a part of the picture (unfortunately, i couldn't drink it this year!). We always find time to tackle a mall and shop together, and grabbing dinner out is always such a treat. We can always expect to laugh over games or over Katie and Ryan's comments or movie impressions. It's an outlet for the stress, whether, physical or emotional or mental, we can expect to let it go and just relax and enjoy the time as a family.