Wednesday, July 28, 2010

letting go

it was a hot day and seemed like the perfect kind of day to teach this lil man how to swim.
turns out the kid is better at swimming than he thought.
he kept saying,
"don't let me go, don't let me go, it's too deep!"
but we let him go.
and he swam short distances from me, to ryan, to me, to ryan.
and before we knew it,
the kiddo was diving from the diving board.
like really pretty dives.
we were impressed.
he was impressed.
and then he did all sorts of flips off of it.
seriously, this kid has absolutely no fears.
it's kinda scary.
but we're proud of him!
for swimming and diving and all that good stuff.
and he was proud of himself.
i think he actually had an idea of what to do to be able to swim.
he just needed the confidence to do it.
and encouragement.
way to go, Luis!

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