Friday, August 15, 2014

To the Moon...KIDS

I've become a small business and handmade shop supporter.
I have great admiration for those that start up something that just begins as a dream, and evolves into something much great and bigger than ever imagined. 
One shop I'd like to highlight is To the Moon Kids.

This shop exists because of a super sweet stay at home mom of two is also a born again believer! 
She has a passion for fashion, and after staying home with her two littles, she started her own shop, that is full of shimmery, unique accessories, leggings, and shorts. 

To the Moon Kids is a minimalist style of kid fashion, The prints are simple, clean, and fun. its not wild and crazy, but the simplistic design and style of it, gives these clothes that cool and collected edge. I mean, look how you could pair up some of these prints and patterns! 

I think the one thing that really stuck out to me about this mommy led shop, 
was that Ashlee is very much about helping small businesses, bloggers, and shops.
She has a heart, a ministry, a will, to want to see young bloggers and shops, blossom into something bigger, and widely spread.
She does this, all the while, while tending to her own shop, doing photoshoots for boutiques, and raising her family. Busy mama, but she's doing super quality work. 

and guess what? Ya'll, my readers, get to reap the benefit of this shop's hard work of not competing with other shops and brands, but working along side of them.
To the Moon Kids is having a fabulous, i mean FABULOUS giveaway with 16 awesome shops. You must head over to her blog today and check out the details!

Pretty amazing.
When you support a small business or handmade shop, you're supporting a family and a dream of someone who decided to take a leap of faith and do it!

So what I'd like you to do, is check out the shop and find something you think your kid could totally rock. (and you'll definitely find something!) and the mama of this shop is being incredibly wonderful and offering my blog readers, ig followers, and Facebook friends the special coupon code for 20% off your order.
Use the code below for your discount and support this shop!
Might as well send your kids to school looking super fly and stylish in some To the Moon Kids Threads!:)

Loving this shop, everything the woman behind it stands for, and the style that she's putting on our kiddos. 
Head over to her shop and blog now to find check out that giveaway!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

More than Enough

Recently, Lux and I have been working on sleeping without a bottle.
She's always nursed to sleep those days when I was breastfeeding, and when she moved on to the bottle, we continued letting her suck to sleep. It's one of the best parts of the day for me, when i get to hold my little active mover, and snuggle her as she drifts off to sleep.

Now that she's hit one, our doc encouraged us to start getting her off the bottle to sleep.
I didn't want to do that.
I love the time that I get in the rocking chair with Lux, Naps her monkey, blanket, and her bottle.
I started giving it a try though.

She was not happy.

For her naps, we read some books and then i brought her to the rocking chair.
She looked at me expectedly waiting for the bottle to be brought to her mouth.
When it didn't, she started to cry.
and i mean, CRY.

She wanted the comfort of the bottle.
Wanted what was familiar to her.
But i wouldn't give it, so she kept crying.
I held her, trying to snuggle, as she's wriggling around demanding her bottle.
Finally, i placed her in her crib frustrated, and she cried wanting that security of the bottle.

I left, listening to those cries, wishing that I was enough.
I tried again, picked her up, and tried to hug her to sleep.
Still not having it.
I was kinda heartbroken, realizing that I wasn't enough for Lux to stop crying.
I wasn't the one she wanted, she wanted the bottle, even though I was the source that the bottle came from.

"I'm here, Lux."

Still not enough.

I listened to her cry herself to sleep that day, and my heart was broken as i thought about her desire for something that wasn't me.

Made me think about my relationship with God.

So often, we can desire our own "bottles."
Something that we long for, find comfort in, or desire more than God.
We might insist that we're not idolizing, or choosing something over God, but in reality, those things are hindering that relationship with God.

"I'm Here."

how often do we say, "nah, you're just not enough for me, God?" 
It struck me. 

I wanted so badly to be what comforts Lux. 
Just me.
Just my hug, my hold, my touch.
It drove me nuts that I wasn't enough to comfort Lux. 
She didn't want just me.

How do we make God feel when we choose anything or everything other than Him to hold us, comfort us, or love us?
How often do we break His heart by crying out in our times of needs and turning to anything other than Him?

Yet, He's always there.
A constant presence. 
He sees us, knows us, even created us...

Why wouldn't we allow Him to be enough for us?

(p.s. Lux learned super quickly. we now snuggle and read two books before she goes to sleep in my arms. Win win...i get to snuggle with her even without a bottle. So thankful. Mommy's touch is enough for Lux.)