Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shower interrupted

Just now, I'm sitting on my couch, with my laptop, ready to get some work done.
My hubster is playing Mario Kart beside me.
The Lil B, Chato, is in the bathroom starting up his shower. 
The water starts running.
His normal singing routine starts up, with renditions of "Happy Birthday to You," all the way to "Party Rock Shuffle,"and as usual, he's singing at the TOP of his lungs.

Chato sticks his head out of the bathroom.
"Yeah, Chato?!"
"Who, Chato?"
"JEEEEESUS AND GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Whoa, really?! THAT'S COOL!!!"

Then he sticks his head back into the bathroom and continues his singing.
Ryan and I looked at each other and totally just in amazement started laughing.
What a cool kid huh? 
We're still praying for his little heart.
God's gonna do something cool with this lil guy.