Saturday, November 28, 2009

Deep-fried turkey, old friends, and family!

We have guests here for thanksgiving! yay! Sisters and friends!

We took the drive out to the Cerrillos to visit them for Thanksgiving. We had an amazing yummy meal with deep friend turkey!

after lunch, we drove out into the country to a nearby pond to shoot Ryan's gun.
here's Ryan with his gun!
yep, we shot the gun too-here's ilene. gotta love her bright red nailpolish:)

it was alot of fun, shooting a real gun!

the gun was loud!

stevo climbing up everything!
it's his birthday this week! we got him a nerf gun:)
old friends in Iowa:) we used to babysit the boys and lock ilene out of the house:)
Mr. Lou, Ms. Sue, ilene, and I!! I bet anything we have a pic exactly like this from like 8 years ago:)
oh yes, and Stevo, with all the ladies:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Crazy as I wait

these three crazy women are coming for Thanksgiving!!!
I'm waiting, somewhat impatiently, for them to arrive! Ryan's got them in the car (picked up Katie from Omaha two hours away, and Ilene and Sarah in Des Moine two hours away) and they're on their way here!!! I can't figure out what to do with myself while I wait...haha, I've been waiting for like 6 hours!!!:) EEE can't wait to see them all!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

100 days

Last Monday(November 16th), Ryan and I celebrated our 100th day of marriage! We went out of town for a dinner at a steak house and tried out the midwest steak:). It was fun to reminisce about the past four years of our relationship and our 100 days of marriage!:)
(honestly, i wish i weren't wearing glasses on our date out, but my contacts were out of sorts, so i had to see somehow!:)).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas in a box

Ryan's been working hard all week on the Operation Christmas Child boxes:). This is what the church looked like on the very first day. all those brown boxes lined up in the back are full of christmas boxes for children overseas!

we brought some boxes for the ZAO kids to fill up. They were really excited to be a part of it:)

here are the boxes from that first day.

we went on a fun outing with Beauna, skyve and their cousin aysia to fill up some boxes:) it was pretty fun!