Thursday, October 31, 2013

On a cold halloween night...

On a cold halloween night,
a little bear cub was lost in the middle of the woods.
She searched high and low for a place to belong.
But she didn't know where to go or what to do.
She wished for a place that would keep her warm on cold nights,
a place where someone would snuggle with her,
a place where someone would love her.
She was sad, but kept looking.
The little bear cub met a little lady bug.
She found a friend!
The ladybug comforted the baby bear cub and told her that everything would be alright.

 They spent a few moments together and then the lady bug went on her way to her own place she called home.

 On her search, she came across a scary group of people.
They frightened her and she ran away.
But a big friendly bear stopped her.
She felt so much better because he looked a lot like her.
He had fuzzy ears like her and had a bushy tail.
His nose was black just like hers and he had paws too!
He told her, 
"Little bear cub, I know a place where you could call home.
It's a very nice and safe place.
You'd be taken care of, snuggled with, and kept warm."

The little bear wanted so much to go to that place.
The Big Friendly bear showed Little bear cub the way to a man and woman with friendly smiles.
The man held little bear cub, smiled at her, and said, 
"I'll take good care of you. I'll be your daddy."
Little Bear Cub felt so safe and secure in his arms.
The woman gave her a huge hug and said, 
"I'll snuggle with you and keep you warm."

The man and woman's name were Daddy and Mommy and the Little Bear Cub was so happy to be with them.
Daddy and Mommy promised to love her, snuggle her, keep her safe and warm, and to love her with all their hearts.
She was so happy to have a family.
She even had a brother named Superman.
Finally, the Little Bear Cub had a place to call home.
She finally had a place to be loved.
Her daddy held her and said, 
"You belong right here…in my arms."

Happy Halloween from Lux to all of you!:)
Her first one was an absolute blast!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fun Fallish Festivities

Lux was invited to a Fall fun party with a bunch of really fun big kids.
She is intrigued with big kids and even though she thinks they're too loud sometimes, she loves watching what they're doing and where they are going.
It was such a sweet time with these kids and really made me giddy for the days that Lux'll be able to participate in the things they were doing:)

They have a donut eating contest…Lux couldn't quite participate yet because she doesn't have the teeth to chomp the donut off the string;). 
But she watched as the big kids pulled the sugary treats off the string and screamed and squealed as they competed in their chomping skills!:)

Next the kids decorated cookies.
 Lux sat with her friend, Miss Carmen, and together they decorated a cookie for her daddy.

 She looked so tiny sitting with all the big kids! But she was happy to participate, even though she was much more interested in pulling on the table cloth to gather ALL the cookies in her lap. (don't worry, we stopped her before she did!;) I know, I know, her big chunky arms made you think she succeeded.)

While they finished their cookies, the ladies were setting up the next station of fun.
 Here is Lux with her friend, Miss Karen. Miss Karen made yummy yummy apple cider from actual apples! That was my first time ever drinking such an amazing treat.

 Andrew really likes sprinkles.

 After they finished they moved on to their pumpkin decorating.
The kids were really creative as they painted their pumpkins with fun colors and glow in the dark paint!
 Lux and I tackled a pumpkin together, and she gleefully hit the pumpkin with her wet paintbrush.

 She really just wanted to chew on it though. Mommy had to stop her, and got in between her and the paintbrush. (Where I realized how hard she's biting! This girl is teething!)

"YES! I DID DECORATE A PUMPKIN!" She seems to be letting the big kids know.
"AAAAHH!!!! I HAVE A PUMPKIN!" She was very excited.
So there ya have it. This girl had her first fun party ever.
Such a special time for her and for mommy to see the things that we have to look forward to as Lux grows up! I am pumped about what we'll do together in the many falls ahead!