Sunday, August 1, 2010

in the clouds and over the rainbow

when was the last time you used yours?
when was the last time the clouds in the sky became horses, babies, or elephants?
when was the last time you pretended to be a teacher, mom, or ninja?
when was the last time you imagined being somewhere or doing something different than you are right at this moment?
Imagination is the one thing that I have.
I'm good at it.
my imagination is very vivid.
I can turn many things into something else in a matter of seconds.
I can turn a play ground into a castle with princesses, princes, knights, and villains.
I can turn a porch into a house boat.
I can imagine being somewhere magical, or being a character unlike myself.
I can open a world of excitement and fun just from using my imagination.

however, there's one thing i can't imagine.
not imagining.
does that even make sense?
the more time i spend with kids,
i realize the inability kids have to use their imagination and play.
it's something different.
something unknown.
they aren't used to it.
so many kids have to grow up so much faster than they are meant to.
so many of them are already caring for their little brothers or sisters.
feeding them, carrying them, keeping them safe.
they don't pretend to grow up...they've already experienced it.

but want to know something?
they want to imagine.
they want to open the door to something new.
they want to play, pretend, use their imagination to make a castle out of a little playground.
a box into a car or plane.
play house. pet shop. fishing.
stir their imagination.
fly with them on an airplane.
visit their castle in the sky.
find a need for a new pet rhinoceros.
let them be a kid.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i agree with daddy. this was really good, kristine. :)

Anonymous said...

"they don't pretend to grow up...they've already experienced it."

SO TRUE, Kristine. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

Stylestance said...

Great reminder of the importance of holding on to the imagination/creativity we have as children :)

Becca said...

aww, love this!
I love my imagination too- it's just more fun to live that way!

Stephanie said...

I love this. And I think everything you wrote is so true. Sometimes we get mad at them for doing things "kids do" but hey, they are a kid.