Saturday, March 26, 2011

happy 13th bday!!!

happy to finally be 13!!! 
(however, now he's telling people he's 14;))

excited about his new wallet. hanging it around his neck so he doesn't lose it.

basketball and nerf football.

and of course they had to test it out!!!

the girls wanted to play, but watched from the porch instead, trying to stay warm.

go birthday boy!!!

 catch phrase:) 

happy 13th birthday, aaron!!!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

some happenings

March concert @ the elementary school. me and the little D.
 yeah, yeah, they were playing basketball in the locker room and i didn't stop wasn't school hours;)
 marcos is GREAT at soccer...cheering @ his game.
 baking with two littles:) an afternoon of baking cupcakes, eating gummy candy, and playing tag at the park.

whew...crazy week but fun week!:)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"how did the NBA players get to be in the NBA?"

"By playing at your age. and playing. and playing and playing."

we played boys against girls-the girls won! (but don't look at me...i only made three of the ten shots;))
it was a sunny day, but we were fooled-it was so cold!
 we played til our fingers felt like they would fall off. 
I found out that I'm so terribly great at the game, that the 9-year old could beat me; and i even tried really hard to beat him.
after it though, i think it was my body's way of saying, "Kristine, you gotta go back to the gym." whew-it was painful and exhausting! 

the past couple weeks have been crazy. I would love to share more details on what God's been doing in my life, but I kinda wish we could just grab a cup of coffee, sit down with some nice music playing, stare out a large floor to ceiling glass window, and talk about EVERYTHING.  But with all that's going on, i'm going to spare you the details and just share some of the highlights of the past couple weeks:

- We've started looking for a house to upgrade to. With our process of going into foster care, we need more room-a couple more bedrooms, some walls between each room (our apartment is just one big great room.) and see, as much as I look forward to kiddos invading our home, I'm pretty sure the kiddos would appreciate not having to stare at me all day long in one big great room-which is why we need some extra walls;).

-i was reminded how much i love going out with my boyfriend, my hubby. I love our time that we get together and this week, we tried out "Wing Night" at a place called Martini's out here in Storm Lake. quarter a wing-my kind of place! We've decided that in addition to date nights on mondays, we're splurging to spend that extra late evening out with each other on Wedsndays...those nights together just don't seem to come quick enough after at the end of the evening:) 

lots to praise God for the past couple weeks, but also lots to pray about. 
Have a great sunday afternoon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

it was a good one;)

I woke ryan up bright and early this morning, "Ryan! Ryan, hurry, get up, it's your birthday!!!"
I think i was more excited about it that he was ;)

in the evening, i had some birthday help. damian helped pick out the cake and prepare it. (which is the reason why there are more pink candles than anything else;))

those are giant gummy bears on the cake.

waiting for a reaction for his gift;) 
He was thrilled. Actually, i think all of us were thrilled with his new's the perfect inside ball. (thought of you, Ryan Butler and would have suited our indoor ball playing perfectly.)

[this card was an old person's birthday card. it was really funny.]

happy birthday, Ryan!!!!!! 
hope this birthday was one that you can remember! (try real hard, even with your old age now;))
love you so much!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy 28th birthday sweet man!

this man is so dreamy...
and it's his birthday.
So if you see him 'round the town,
make sure you give him a shout out;)

He doesn't like his birthday to be made a big deal.
But of course, I can't help but make it a huge deal. 
So make sure you give him a great big shout out,
as he celebrates another great year!

I love this man. If I haven't introduced you to him yet, let me tell you a little bit about him.

Ryan BB:

  1. gives the best hugs and kisses
  2. likes games
  3. loves sweets, especially chocolates and cakes and candies...guess that sums it all up?;)
  4. is so playful-we can have so much fun just playing together!
  5. very very very competitive
  6. has lots of KU (Kansas University) pride 
  7. wears flannel plaid pajamas sometimes
  8. hates vegetables
  9. is snuggly when he's sleeping
  10. is so fun to shop with-one of the best people that i can go with
  11. my best friend
  12. so stinkin smart, it's kinda disturbing. 
  13. has two masters degrees in very difficult degrees...(he's just so so so brilliant).
  14. So goodlooking.
  15. Has the best scruffy boy look.
  16. understanding and patient (dude, he's married to me! he has to be;))
  17. is such a servant. I could go on and on with examples of how incredible he is at serving others.
  18. will bend over backwards for someone, especially when it is someone that he loves and cares for
  19. is a great son to his mom and is a fabulous brother to his sister-hope my sons in the future will be just like him.
  20. very attractive-i still have a HUGE crush on him!!
  21. godly man-i respect and admire him so much for the way he preaches and teaches God's word and lives it out.
  22. so loving to others even outside his family-he really shows he cares
  23. is funny when he gets hyper and crazy
  24. really great at staying awake to drive on long long long car rides-while i sleep soundly in the seat next to him.
  25. so trustworthy
  26. a growing pastor-so proud of him
  27. considerate in many ways
  28. he's the guy that i'm so in love with! 
Met this man 6 years ago! It's so special thinking back to our early days of dating those years and now being together. I am so blessed to see my husband and be able to dream of the life we are living and will be living together for the rest of our lives:). 

[happy birthday, my man!]