Thursday, July 29, 2010

once upon a time birthday party story.

once upon a time,
I went to a far far away land.
in that land,
I met some wonderful people.
it was a family.
a family made up of a million bazillion kids.
they told me,
"you're the mom! we have a surprise!"
and then stuck me in the dungeon.
they "glued" me to a board,
and said,
"wait here and do NOT look!"

so they had a guard watch me.
this fierce man.
he was so big and scary and told me he would glue more glue on the board if I ran away from the place.
i tried.
he glued more glue.

but then i met a princess.
and her prince brother.
and they stayed in the dungeon with me and kept me company.

i peeked through one of the windows in the dungeon.
and i saw the million bazillion kids in a castle.
bustling around, fixing...something i could not see.

and then in the dark, some hands reached out and covered my eyes!
i recieved many instructions.
"do not look until i say."
"act surprised. you're the mom."
so i didn't look.
and then my eyes were uncovered!
and there was a feast prepared for me!
it was for my "birthday!"
the million bazillion kids had worked hard to prepare a birthday surprise and had invited all the other kings and queens in the land.
there were beautiful arrangement of flowers,
made specially by the hands of the million bazillion kids!
i was amazed and so excited to see all my million bazillion kids.
they even sang a beautiful song called "happy birthday!"
i was so happy with the beautiful music and dancing.
I couldn't ask for a better surprise unexpected birthday from the million bazillion kids!
but then, all in all, i had to leave this far away land.
and the million bazillion kids.
and as sad as i was,
i was still oh so happy.
because the million bazillion kids
were so special to me.
and had made special birthday memories.
that i will never forget.
the end.

[this story included the million bazillion boys as well...but they were busy running back and forth from the playground on their "dirtbikes and motorcyles" with bottles of pebbles that made up the girls artistic rock and flower arrangements.]


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw....kristine, this was SO cute! looks like you guys are having fun. :)

kBr said...

haha, yep, if only you could meet them in person!:) they're more precious in real life;)