Monday, November 26, 2012

Bright lights-sad puppy.

 After a wonderful Thanksgiving in Kansas with Ryan's family (which I failed to take pictures at), we ventured to put up our Christmas tree.)

This was the first time in a few years of putting up the Christmas tree with only Ryan and I, and we had fun doing it! Although, what was probably an hour job, took us about 3, because of all the distractions we had; like chasing the dog with the Christmas tree box and/or branches, stuffing him in the big Christmas box, wrapping lights around him, and of course, watching Elf and The Grinch while putting it up.
I must say, I'm loving the coziness of being home with my little family:)

Alexio still isn't quite sure of that big glowing tree that took residence in our living room, in fact, he found a spot in the corner of the couch, buried himself in it, and pouted. 
We, of course, couldn't stop laughing at Ryan's attempts of teasing and annoying the puppy.
Poor lil guy:)

 Well, here's to the beginning of the Christmas season-with lights, decorations, family, and if I weren't pregnant, White Chocolate peppermint mochas topped with whipped creamed and red and white sprinkles!!! 
(anyone know of an alternative hot drink that's just as festive and yummy as special coffee drinks?)
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Love at first sight

that's what it felt like.
When my doctor placed the ultra sound thing on me belly, we could see him/her right away.
I've never been in such awe before in my life. 

Tears sprang to my eyes as I saw for the first time, LIFE inside of me. 
Baby BB wouldn't keep still.
His/her little heartbeat was apparently visible and those little arms kept waving back and forth, and in our heads, we imagined Baby saying, 
(or dancing to Gangnam Style...)
Our doctor laughed as she said, "Your baby is swimming around in there! Baby won't keep still!"

There's a miracle growing inside of me.
and mommy and daddy are already so in love.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First baby thoughts

I can't help but pray all day long throughout my work day and into the evening for this lil person that's growing inside of me.
I can't help but imagine what life will be with a third Brandenberger in this home.
My days are filled with day dreaming of this child I haven't even met: will you look like me or your daddy? Will you love football with your daddy? Will you be mischievous like your mommy was as a kid? What will you look like?
 I'd love it if you had your daddy's hazel eyes.

at 9 weeks, here are my symptoms: 
Fatigue: usually around 6:30pm my body is done for. By this time of the day, I'm usually sitting on the couch in my pjs and falling asleep. So, in between the time I get off work to 6:30, I get all the stuff I need to get done around the house.  at around midnight, Ryan wakes me up to go to bed. Then I go right back to sleep! Exhaustion seems to be the right word for my evenings. I'm just glad that I'm not so fatigued during my work day!:)

Food Cravings: Waffles with sliced bananas and honey drizzled over it. And my mom's cooking...which I can't get. So I'm dealing with it by cooking her breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage, all with tabasco ,and white rice...except, it's just not the exact same as my moms. I LOOOONG for the day I get to go home and eat her food.

Nausea: Mostly at night. I used to get it in the mornings, but it's setlled for making me feel nauseated at night. Haven't puked yet at all though! 

Food Aversion: Everything that I ate before; I seem to be disgusted by. The normal sandwiches, spinach, white sauces, cheeses, steaks, bread, corn, vegetables, soup, coffee, creamer, orange juice, granola, yogurt, clif bars, etc...everything I loved, i now feel grossed out by. I open up my fridge and cupboard, and I feel sick with all my normal favorites.
Which has been limiting me to very few foods that I feel like eating: Cold apples, bananas, waffles, Tortelini (Butoni), and an Oven roasted Chicken breast Subway sandwich, has been my menu the last week. oh, and MILK. My usual non sweetened vanilla almond milk was a heavy favorite of longer! (Weird, huh?) I have been craving 1% white milk!!! Not even the usual skim that normally sits in my fridge-it's been replaced with the 1% milk. 

Getting these symptoms is a wonderful constant reminder of the little one that's taken residence, growing inside of me. So thankful for Baby BB!!!
31 more weeks!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a week of ends and beginnings

Many happenings this past week: 

-We voted! (Alexio did too!)

- Our foster child of one whole year has transitioned out of our home - it's an interesting change after a year, not having the usual singing, thumping, talking, and squealing that we normally heard! 
We had a little goodbye party for him-steaks and cake with some of his favorite guys that have been in his life this past year. 

- Halloween was a treat; 
it was the first week night evening Ryan and I have had together in our home, and we enjoyed the slow trickle of trick or treaters that came to the door. 
Alexio greeted all the trick or treaters, hoping they had come to see him.

- My body is experiencing different changes with this pregnancy. 
The symptoms I'm getting are pretty light compared to what I've read about, but mostly I'm dealing with food aversions (not wanting to eat much of anything these days...except for milk) and just plain tiredness. 
Nausea hits me in the middle of the day and later at night, so I try to overcome it by staying still and keeping my belly full. Haven't puked yet though! Mainly just queasy and feeling odd.

Experiencing life with just Ryan and I has been a welcome change. 
With Baby BB on the way, we're cherishing the time that we have with just the two of us. Because come seven months from now, we'll be a family of three