Sunday, July 31, 2011

Intesity in teeny form:)

Ryan, Karen, and I went to cheer for some of the kiddos in the neighborhood at their soccer game.
This soccer league is INTENSE. 
These kids really know how to play, 
and it shows in their formation on the field and the aggression that the whole team possesses. 
Probably one of the most exciting soccer games i've ever seen-and these were only the 7-9 year olds playing!

So here are some of our favorite littles battling it out on the soccer fields.



 Samantha and us after her game:)
The fields are intense! It was so much fun!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

summer please don't end...

Introducing the newest part of the Brandenberger family.

We had an IKEA table for the past couple years.
 However, after about a year, the chairs became rocking chairs to the kids that came to our place...which resulted in cracked chair legs and kids falling to the floor when the chair broke under them.
as cute as the things are at Ikea, don't expect them to last.

We decided we wanted to buy quality.
We spent a pretty penny on this set, but it's a beautiful oak table that can eventually seat 8 comfortably!

We're going to invest in more chairs as paychecks come through, because for each chair, you could probably feed a small army for a couple weeks!:). 
well worth it though if it'll last foreva.
This'll be our forever table, because according to the furniture peeps, we're going to be handing this down to our grandchildren if they even want it many years from now!

at first, we both were kinda scared to eat on it, not wanting to leave any water marks or food dribbles on it.
but finally, we had our first meal together at the table.
It was lovely to sit and chat together at a real dining room table! 
I got all giddy thinking about our future of who might fill those empty seats across from us! 

Here's what's coming up in our lives:

  • Ryan and I finished our fostering classes and the last of our interviews this past week. We are officially done with the process; we should be licensed in August:) Parenthood, here we come:)
  • Mini vacation and "we survived the summer" celebreation for just Ryan and i...going to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of fun in Kansas City! Looking forward to some good quality "us" time. 
  • 2nd anniversary for the us is coming up! WOW! can't believe it's already been two years!
  • Our next goal is to find a house to rent: above ground and spacious enough for kids. We're looking, but storm lake really has no well kept houses that are up for rent. We're praying:)
  • School starts this month; am i ready to go back to work? Nope. But looking forward to seeing the kiddos again:)
  • Minneapolis, MN is calling our name the end of this month. My family will be there, which means, MALL OF AMERICA with the Gamboa girls will be AWESOME
  • After Minneapolis, my family will be visiting Storm Lake!!! First time for the entire family to come!! 
Lot's happening and each day, more things come up:)
Happy happy last few weeks of summer break!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

17 years of coolness...

"Who's got two thumbs and is awesome???"
"This guy..."

Lol, that's right, Randy. 
We hear that saying alot in our home, especially when it comes to competition in games.

This guy brightens up our day with his strong will to take care of his siblings, his hard work ethic, and his big lovable grin.
We totally embarrassed him when the whole restaurant starting singing loudly to him while he walked in, the whole time sporting a 
"Yeah, i know i'm cool...or trying to be cool while everyone in this building is staring at me!" demeanor:)

taking a flawless pic of all four of them is quite impossible.
we took three attempts. 
oh, well:)

Happy 17th birthday, Randy!
We love and appreciate you so much!

Kids Bible Camp 2011

90 kids.
16 counselors.
lol. yep. you're right.

can't say we were expecting that many. 
But that's what we got on the very first day.
it was a crazy crazy week and as we went through it i sometimes wasn't sure how we would make it to the end of the week.
but we did.
and GOD is GREAT.
ALWAYS SO WORTHY of our praise! 
not only did God bring these kids,
but He brought incredible high schoolers that are willing to be challenged to lead and take responsibilty.
I love that we had the privilege to give these high schoolers a chance to be leaders.

He brought BVU college students that are willing to be used by God by loving these kiddos.

and willing adults that put up with the noise level, crazy little people, and emotional highs and lows.:) 

it was a chaotic and exhausting week, but we pushed through and persevered through.

 this week with the kids was a blessing...
Thanks, God, for the joy of it all!

Karen's Q

15 years old is when a young girl becomes a woman in Mexican traditions.
However, she didn't only turn 15...
She also turned 15 shortly after asking Christ in her life.
This celebration was not only celebrating her womanhood, but also her new life in Christ.

She turned 15.
She's so special to us.
She deserved a special celebration.
Happy Q day to our "spiritual daughter," sister, and friend, Karen!

high heels and make up:)

happy birthday, mom!!!!

 Mom, you're the best.
You're the person I want to talk to.
You're the mom i want to be like.
I can't wait to model your skills as a mom.

You're great at loving.
You're great at laughing.
You're great (even now) with snuggling.

Thanks for showing me how to love and nurture others. 
As becoming a mom is quickly approaching for me, I can't WAIT to practice what I've learned through my entire life of observing how you are as a mom and wife.
I'm so excited to implement all those tips and talks that you've given me as I've grown up, of how to love God through loving our family. 

I am the woman I am today because of your influence and love in my life.
Can't wait to see you in August!
Wish I were with you today...cause I know you're doing all the things we, Gamboa girls, love to do! Shopping,
I know Ilene, Ashley, Dad, and Peyton are treating you like a queen and making the day so special for you.

I love you incredibly super much, mom. 

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, mom.
[btw, thanks for being beautiful inside and out]

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just the beginning...summer sizzling!

Our week with the girls of Storm Lake has been a blessing. 
Both for the campers and for the staff.
It's truly something BEAUTIFUL, when so many girls are gathered together learning about beauty from the inside...

Here's some prep for the week...
 We really truly have some of the best counselors -they pray daily for our campers.

 I have never seen this stage look so girlified...:)
it's fantastic.

 First day and the girls are mixing it up!

 Oh! And each day the girls gets a fun workout-Zumba is intense but SO fun...
Keep this week of Summer Sizzle in your prayers please! 
God is worthy of our praise! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"know why we're here? cuz my mommy and daddy are on a date!"

 Yep, this kinda made me heart melt from cuteness.

We had the joy of having four guests over at our place this lovely Friday evening. 
I must say, it was a different change of pace for Ryan and I, but boy, did we enjoy it!
Because of our lack of chairs at our dinner table, we set up an indoor picnic in our living room. 
It was fun setting up because I had the best lil helper that helped me set up our picnic on the blanket.
For dessert, we took a walk down to the park with our Fudgsicles, trying to lick our treats up before the hot sun melted it onto our fingers.
we played football, house, and a weird rendition of Hansel and Gretel, until one of them was "hunting in the woods for food," and I ran up behind him and accidentally made him burst into tears cuz he thought I was an actual "black bear that he was hunting."
So i gave him a hug while he sniffled, wiped his tears, and we headed back to our house to play a little wii, where he recovered from his black bear shock. 


 after playing, coloring, bey blading, etc, we settled down for a couple shows, Wallace and Gromit and Curious George, and the kids buried themselves under couch pillows and blankets.:)

thanks for the sweet fun, kiddos!
We loved having ya'll here!