Saturday, June 28, 2014

Little Faces

I want you to check out this picture.
Yes, Lux is sporting an awesome turban headband and sweet little piggies.
Yes, she's devouring a veggie straw.
and  yes, her legs are so wonderful and chunky that you may possibly want to take a nibble at them.

Lux has the most delicious rolls I've ever had the pleasure of parenting.
She's super active, yet, her pleasant plumpness makes me want to eat her up. 
These rolls are perfectly accented with her Little Faces Coral Teal Arrow shorts.
I can't even begin to describe how these shorts made me gush from how adorable they looked on Lux.
As a cloth diapered baby, these babies fit her exactly how I would want a pair of shorts to fit. I put her in a disposable diaper too, and they adapted to her bum just as beautifully.
They hugged her bottom and thighs in a way that might make you sigh from happiness as you see her little bum toddling around the yard. 
They're an absolute perfect fit.

Some may not realize the significance of organic cotton, but when it comes to comfort, babies, and activity, these shorts may be the most quality pair of legging shorts that she owns. They are super soft, and serged professionally, which means, she'll be wearing this all summer, even with how ACTIVE this kid is each day. And I don't even have to worry about them not lasting.
Not to mention, her future siblings will probably get to enjoy these babies ones summer as well.
They're that quality, ya'll.  

 Little Faces provides a wide assortment of different modern baby clothes. 
Take a peek at their site, and you can see how unique the fabrics in this store are.
We're big into leggings, cotton shorts, and skirts, and this store seriously has it all.
This boutique was started by a mom who wanted to create cute fashion for her little girl and that she definitely did...and outdid herself.
She doesn't just have shorts, leggings, and skirts, but she also has tops, scarves, beanies, and dresses.

whew. amazing. all in amazing organize fabric patterns.

Modern baby fashion, ya'll...
I can't get over this shop.

So, here's what's happening.

Little Faces  is turning one in July.
If you are on instagram, you must follow this shop, as they are having one of the biggest and best birthday giveaways I've ever seen starting June 30th and goes til the 10th of July.
Enter and you could win some of the best littles brands out there. (like seriously, I swoon about each shop that's in this giveaway, including Little Faces shop.) 

They've also got a Facebook page that you can follow and get in on all the goodies: 

 Also, are you ready mommas?

All my readers get 10% off their purchase this week.
Can you say, OMG?

It's completely worth visiting the shop...
take a peek, browse through and look, and you may walk out with a cartful of stuff.
but you get a discount, so how awesome is that? 

I can honestly say that these are one of our favorite pairs of shorts.
You can't find this quality in any department store, i guarantee it.
This shop makes their products with care and perfection, I can completely testify.

Not to mention the shop owner is a complete sweetheart when it comes to customer service and turn around time.
Support these business run by mommas, friends.
Way better made and cuter than what you'd find elsewhere. 

Use the code: SPARKLE10 for your discount on your purchases this week only! 
Now with all that said, go get your littles styled in these clothes.
you will be so happy you did. 
Click here to check out the shop:

Happy weekend friends.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One and Two, the best way to spend a birthday.

One of the most exciting birthdays of Lux's life was shared with her dearest friend, Grant, who was turning two.
Here are some sweet pictures of their special day together, as we got to celebrate their lives and the blessings they have been to everyone they know.

Photo credit: Taken and edited by Miss Karen Tellez. 

Waiting for their party guests.

 This girl partied hard til 10 that night, hanging with the teens after the rest of the guests left. 
Such a fun evening, and totally planned last minute with Grant's mom. *high five* Natalie!
So thankful for the evening with friends, with no other agenda, except enjoying fellowship, eating pizza, and cheering on the cake smashing. Sometimes, that's just super refreshing.

Happy birthday, My little one year old girl. 

 p.s. here are a couple videos from the night: 
(her face says, "they're making me eat this..."

Oh, and this is just cuz it cracks me up each time. 
Love you Grant and Lux! 
Ya'll are the cutest, one and two i know!:)