Sunday, July 4, 2010

country mouse, city mouse

Ryan and I spent the week down in Kansas moving his mom from the country of Kansas to the town of Newton.
It was our vacation time, although, now we need a vacation from our vacation:)
We worked from morning til late night every day, packing, cleaning, throwing things away.
Yep, 30 years of stuff in a farm isn't exactly the easiest task.
we loaded trucks, unloaded trucks, loaded trucks, unloaded get the picture.
It was one of the most exhausting weeks of our lives-but it was also a great week of working with family.

Hard work seems to bring people together, don't you think? You get to know people, you work with them, use strengths and weaknesses during the whole process, and in the end, you know the people even more than you did before:). In that sense, what a week of blessing-getting to know my in-laws!

here's the house ryan grew up in.
here's the playhouse that Ryan's daddy built him when he was a little boy.
here are the stables that the Brandenbergers kept their pony and horses in. (
here are the little buildings on the property. all of these were built by ryan and his daddy.
[notice the little lady in the dress coming out of the barn...]
here's the garage. also built by Ryan and his dad.

and out of all those buildings and the house, we filled up this HUGE dumpster.
yeah, i pretty much felt buff after all the pitching of junk we threw into there.
can you believe we filled that thing?!

after the long week of moving, we got to have Friday evening to take Katie (his sister) and his mom out to P.F. Changs.
we needed that time:)
[i'm not touching you. i'm not touching you!]
all in all, it was a good week. hard-physically and emotionally-but good. lots of memories were stirred up, but in the end, we were so thankful for it.

plus, i got to see my man in action.
he did lots of flexing while carrying heavy furniture.
i loved that.
such a bonus for the week.

look at what i caught in the sky on the way home...
just a cool reminder of God's greatness.Photobucket

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