Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dumpster visits

It's overwhelming to even try to catch up on the blog time that i've lost.
you see, my laptop adapter drowned in sewage water, so i hadn't been able to use my laptop.
and it's just not the same, uploading pics and using someone else's laptop to blog.
so i usually just avoid it, unless i get to use my mac.
Ryan ordered a new adapter and I got it yesterday!
so now, i'll just catch you up on the last couple of days.

The past few days have consisted of moving our stuff out of the apartment, hauling it to the recycle center, and throwing it away.
Needless to say, it's been an emotional ride.
There's something about throwing away things that i love and still use (used?),
that kinda makes my throat all tight, and maybe a tear here and there.
especially when i go back to the house, and it's empty.
and smelly.

I've been reminded numerous times the past few days
what a blessing I have in a husband.
He knows exactly how to comfort me.
and then how exactly to cheer me up.
he keeps reminding me that those are all just things.
and replaceable.

but it still kinda pained me to look at the pile of garbage at the dump,
and see the blanket I made for Ryan while we were dating,
or the purses my mom and sisters got me,
or the couch that we just bought.
and those things just did not belong on that pile.
they looked out of place.

it'll be a slow process of getting everything back to normal.
we'll be back in our house after the carpet is replaced and everything is decontaminated.
could be a while.

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