Friday, July 23, 2010

count it all joy

well, here are some quick pics i took of the apartment when it was flooded with sewer water.
i never thought I'd wake up with Storm Lake in my home.
most of these pics were taken after the pumps were put in to take the water out.
imagine it before all the pumps got there.
everything in the closets, under our beds, all those things, are gone.
if you look closely, you can see the toilet still gushing out the water. it was coming out of of the toilet and the shower drain. there was nastiness floating everywhere.
most of the things in the living room we have to throw away.
because it was all in contaminated poopy water.
the electronics were saved, but all their cords were fried.
ryan got shocked a couple times unpluggin all the electronics.
in the bedroom especially, the water was warm because of the electric currents going through the water.
Praise the Lord we didn't get hurt by the electricity.

i think it's hitting me more and more than the next time I got home, we won't have hardly anything.
in fact, we are kinda starting from scratch, with less that what we had before we came here.
and yes, it makes me sad.

but I can't help but acknowledge that God is still in control.
and He is still so great.
and it's not as bad as what others might have experienced.
and we have a place to sleep and places to eat.
God provides for our needs all the time.
and He's also the one that decides exactly what those needs are.
and we're willing and wanting God to work in our lives.
Even if it's taking some things too.

here are some pics after they got the water out. the house is in disarray.

count it all joy.
count it all joy.
count it all JOY.


Carson and Lindsay said...

Aw, Kristine! What a crazy test of faith. Not fun, but we're glad you guys are okay! We'll be praying and even though we're a million miles away, if I can do anything to help, let me know!

Michael Mole said...

Wow. Love to see y'all's willingness to trust God through hard times. It will do much to make Him look good in your community. Y'all have a lot of people watching you. It's an honor to be found worthy to represent Christ through this. Praying for y'all.

Kristine said...

thanks for the prayers and encouragement ya'll:)

Anne said...

I agree with what Michael wrote - God's using you as an incredible witness. God bless you guys (y'all)... your JOY humbles me. My basement isn't in as terrible of a state, and my frustration has been more evident than my joy. God's been prompting me to read Philippians - likely for that reason. I need to focus on HIM as the source of my joy, not the externals and not my circumstances. Love y'all - praying for you :)

gary and jillian said...

Dear dear Kristine! It amazes me how quickly things can change. We are so very glad that y'all didn't get hurt and glad to see your perseverance. Thinking much about you and praying that something crazy only-can-can-do-it event will result.
You are very much to be admired Kristine!