Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i've always had a thing for blondes

it's true.
I remember my first crushes in kindergarten. I had a crush on a kid named Alex. He had a blond bowl-haircut, and he always wore these button up plaid shirts. 
I think I can remember every single grade of elementary and junior, a blond boy that i thought was cute. (yeah, yeah, so i liked boys early in you didn't!)
I can remember all the way up through high school and into college, I really liked blond boys.

Then freshman year of college, this guy walked into my life.
He was a blond, kinda dirty blond, and was so freaking cool. 
But would I admit that to him? No way.
Besides, I was a freshman and the dude was a senior.
And at start, a bunch of my girlfriends had crushes on him. 
But we did all the immature things freshmen girls do. 
Pranked called him, giggled through conversations with him, annoyed the crud out of him and his friends.
(those were my friends, not me!;))
 just kidding. I participated as well, but with little intention of being obnoxious or trying to annoy him.

Cuz, well, truth was, I kinda liked him.
Besides, he was sorta a Moody bad boy. (as bad as "moody" students can get. which, isn't actually all that bad.;))
but he had quite the "cool, suave" attitude that I found VERY attractive.
and he started popping up everywhere.

in fact, it felt like everywhere I looked, that spring semester, he showed up...
and then he asked me out. 
and although there is so much more to that story that I'll one day find the time to blog about...

I can't help but just be so glad I married that blond boy.

I'm laying on the couch after a miserable day of being sick. 
And I think of all the things my husband is involved in taking care of at work, home, and around the community, 
I praise the Lord for a man such as he to be my husband.

I appreciate the special care he gives me to show me he loves me.
The times he just comes by to hug me and kiss me (even though I'm icky and sicky!)
how at this moment he's cleaning the kitchen, because he knows I can't rest or go to sleep at night without a clean kitchen.
He's cleanly shaved right now and oh, so handsome.
(Too bad I'm so congested and achy right now! he just looks so cuddly and snuggly right now.)

I just love him.


Lhen aldave said...

so sweet. Love is in the air..

Carson and Lindsay said...

:) very cute post. it's been so fun to see you guys' story play out... glad you got your blonde boy!

Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

Very sweet! And now that I think about it, I've always had a thing for blondes, too!! :) Good thing I married one! ;)