Tuesday, February 1, 2011

living in a land of luxury...

One of the highlights of each day is teaching 4th grade reading. I have one hour each day teaching the highest level readers in the whole elementary school and I get the privilege of challenging them with reading and writing that is beyond what most of the other 4th graders are doing.
It's usually so fun.

We're going through the book A Single Share by Linda Sue Park.
We're going through this book the next few weeks and to be honest, it has alot of things in it that kinda grips my heart.
It's about this Korean boy, an orphan, that lives underneath a bridge with an elderly man who is taking care of him.
They eat the bare minimum, unless they are able to find something else in the piles of rubbish they dig through.

Now, you're probably thinking, "a book review? really, Kristine??" 
hang on, I'm getting to my point of why I'm telling you about this:) 

There was a part in the 1st chapter about this little boy and older man "feasting" on a little bowl of rice and some chicken bones.

To my disappointment, the 4th graders exploded into a round of giggles.
"Chicken bones?!"
"What kind of FEAST is that?!"
"Who eats Chicken bones???"
"that's disgusting!!!!"

They looked at me, and I'm guessing I showed very little amusement to their insensitive outburst. They giggled and laughed a little longer and all the while, my heart was hurting...their reaction saddened me.

After they were finished, I quietly told them how so many people around this world are experiencing what this little boy is going through. I told them of some of the kids I had encountered in the different places I have been too...and that although this book is a fiction book; people today are still suffering from hunger and homelessness even today. 

They later burst into laughter once more, when we read that in this story, the little boy was wearing rags.

it hurt. 

They didn't know it, but their reaction made me realize what so many are unaware of what goes on around this world. 
So many are unaware or do not want to acknowledge how so many people are suffering in this world today. People in this world, from across the ocean to across this town, are cold, hungry, and lacking the resources they need. Needs from food to clothing to a bed to sleep in is common is our day and age. Some places is worse than others, but all around us, people are suffering.

What is result of all this? What are we to do? 
Yes, we can provide food for them.
Yes, we can clothe them,
Yes, we can help them in so many ways.

But guess what? It's not enough.
It's not enough, because as much as we help them, our help is conditional and not always readily available for them. We are also fallen people in this world, because we have all been affected by sin; Helpless and hopeless.

And now, as depressing this all sounds,
 there is a hope
That hope is Jesus Christ and His love. God's Love is unconditional. The best thing is that He is always there and readily available. He hears our prayers and knows our hearts. He knows us and knows our needs. 
And that is what we need to be doing. Beyond all the help and love and care we give others in our lives; we can't forget the reason of why we are ABLE to do these things. For God's glory. To Worship Him. Sharing that love not from ourselves, but from God's supply of love. So that many may know Him personally. 
So that hearts will be changed and lives will be saved. 


Lhen aldave said...

ate kristine, this is such a wonderful post. it made me cry, i remember your mission trip here in the phil last 2 years. I admire how you share Jesus to other Children specially in places where people really need God's love and Salvation, i am one of those people. thank God for you precious life. God bless you.

kBr said...

lhen, thanks for reading!:) You're contagious smile and joy was such a gift to me when I was in the Philippines...one day we will meet again!:) Thank you for your encouragement.

Lhen aldave said...

i'm really praying and hoping to meet you again. stay beautiful. thanks.

Faith said...

I just stumbled across your blog. You MUST have attended MBI in Chicago! How else would you be sporting the Joe's shirt in this post?

Isabella Kiss said...

i really like your blog. and this post. great stuff!