Saturday, January 1, 2011

right before midnight struck...

 we spent New years eve evening with some of our oldest family friends. It was a fabulous night of dancing, yummy food, and good time fun. I think this family is probably the best hosts for parties or gatherings...they totally know how to entertain and have fun.

The came up with "minute to win it" games to play throughout the night, where each person  in each family got the chance to compete and "win" it. we'd eat, dance the "Just dance 2" video game, and play Apples to apples, and then do the minute to win it games in between. 

I tell ya, some of the best times have been with this neat family of six...

try to guess some of the ways you had to compete in these games:)


we stayed til about 15 minutes to midnight at their house. (we had to hurry home to carry on some of our family traditions before the big ball was hard to leave when we were having fun!)

they are really some of my favorite people. :)
thanks, Cerrillos! 

Happy new years ya'll!

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