Thursday, January 13, 2011

sick hubby:(

oh, sigh.

I hate it when my husband is sick. Makes me sad.
wish i could make him feel better.

today, I was reminded about how much i need him. He helps me out in so many ways-and when he's not available, it's when I realize just how much I appreciate all the things he does for me. 
I was freaking out today. I had so many things to do. Not sure if I could get everything done without Ryan. 

Even with all the misery he was feeling, the achiness, the fever, and weakness, he was there. With everything that i was freaking out about, he got done for me. completed. I had no reason to freak out anymore. 

I was thankful. I AM thankful:). Even when he's sick, my husband is wonderful. I love my man.

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