Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

No school today!!! Working at the elementary school has it's perks-love the beautiful reason of staying home because of snow. Makes me happy that I can take time to cook a hot meal for Ryan, enjoy my coffee longer, and maybe even read a book. I've got quite a few books that I'm working on, one to teach, one for fun, and one for inspiration:) as well as a new course that I'm taking with many of the people I serve with, Perspectives, that has lots of reading and homework to do. Time to challenge my brain again:) 
So happy for it! 

Since it's snowing out, I thought I'd get out some of the bright sunny pictures that I took last week in SC. Gorgeous warm weather and beautiful water. I have this weird weakness for bridges. I absolutely love them. It might be the fact that I love water more than any other scenic picture, and staring at it is just mesmerizing.  Being over the water on a bridge is absolutely dreamy to me.
 (I also used to refer back to Anne of Avonlea, a movie I grew up loving, and have always wanted to have a romantic moment on a bridge. It actually happened too-first time Ryan told me he loved me, we were on a little bridge in canada!:))

and one of the beautiful things about the Palmetto State are the Palmetto trees!!:) I love love love watching them in the sunlight, near water, waving in the breeze. gorgeous.

that was then. 
this is now. 
like right now at this very moment. 
We're in the middle of a wonderful snow fall, even more wonderful because school is cancelled today!:) Definitely a different kind of beauty, but beautiful none the less. 

 hope you're having a cozy day indoors, with a mug of yummy warm in your hands!
[happy monday!]

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Enjoy your day at home. :-)