Friday, January 7, 2011

care free

There's something special about South Carolina. 
It's like life slows down and allows you to enjoy it and breath every once in awhile.
No matter where I come home from, whether it's a different country, Chicago, Storm lake, etc. it's always just 
a breath of fresh air to come home to Beaufort. 

Maybe it's all the water that surrounds it.
and the sunlight that usually comes from cloudless skies.
or the palm trees that quietly wave to you as you pass by.

perhaps it's the warm friendly, "hey y'all," that you get from the people.
or the "yes ma'am" or "no ma'am" that you receive from the kids raised with manners.
or that sweet southern accent when someone talks to you.

whatever it is, it's warm, and not just because of the sun:) 

it was actually kinda hard to leave home this time. but I'm thankful I got the chance to go home and be with my family and worship with my church family. I got to breath some fresh air, and go a week without sniffling from the cold weather;).

and guess what? on the trip home, my husband and I were bumped off our flight in Atlanta, GA, and got to stay a night for free at a hotel. We also got airline tickets to reimburse us for being bumped off, as well as free meal vouchers while we waited to leave for our flights. It was such a treat!!!!!

I enjoyed the extra night in the south. One less winter day to go through!:) 

 Now that I'm back, it's actually nice to be back in my home with my husband. it's good to see the people we work with again, and see the kids after the break. 
I've enjoyed the past couple weeks so much, so i'm really pretty thankful that I've got pictures to record the memories that came with it.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you're so cute. love that last picture.

love ya, sis!

Anonymous said...

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