Monday, January 17, 2011

jb love.

I haven't been home in a year. I had only heard of this sensation that had taken over my little sister's room.

My sister in SC is a little obsessed. 
think it's a little much?:)

I had a similar bedroom in highschool.
I was absolutely taken by the boys in the boyband plusONE. 
Remember them?:) 
I had every single thing that was ever printed of them. cut-out posters and everything:) and there wasn't an INCH of my room not covered:)

I was flipping through my pictures from my trip at home...and started missing my younger sister, so I thought I'd introduce her and her room to you:)
Ashley is 15. She's crazy. we have fun together.
morning donut runs are so fun with her.
late night ihop runs are just as fun.
she's driving now. it's weird.
she's also my miracle baby sister:). 
i love her.:) 

miss you lil sister.


Carson and Lindsay said...

When I first met you and when I first visited you at Moody, i remember you playing plus one (and backstreet boys) LOUD!
...and didn't you have one of their songs as your exit song for your wedding ceremony?

kBr said...

wow, good memory!!! we did use one as our exit song for our wedding;)

p.s. it was nsync, not bsb!:)

Mrs. Becca said...

Definitely remember you convincing me to listen to Plus One during Varsity and Youth Group in high school:)