Saturday, January 8, 2011

ZAO kids

Zao kids is back up and running.
we had a two week break for Christmas, and now we're back to the regular schedule of ZAO kids.

I honestly wasn't expecting most of the kids to be there. Just cuz, well, maybe they'd forget, or not even be around after the holiday season.

i was wrong.

in fact, we had 8 new kids this past week. and not all the regular kids are back yet. but we were still pretty packed.

God is great, isn't he? He's definitely multiplying, and not only that, He's using the KIDS in bring more kids.  here's some quick shots of what's happening at ZAO.

We started many different lifeblocks. We hope for small group of kids hopefully from 5-8 kids each group,  because we want them to get some adult interaction; someone they will know cares for them and know them personally.

Ballet Life Block:

Oragami Life Block:

4th-6th grade Dance group: 

 Exercise Lifeblock:

Messy Art Life Block: 

Science project:

and then we have a Wrestling Life Block, which the boys are loving! 

 Dinner time is always crazy, but so rewarding to get to see the kids engaging in conversation with adults, but also getting the chance to serve.

dinner this week was provided by a 1:10 small group from summit. thank you for the yummy taco salad meal!!:)

God is great. 
All the Time. 
He's worthy to be Praised.

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