Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas day

I had written out a Christmas post right after Christmas day. it was a really long post with lots of pics and writing. However, when I pressed "publish post" it deleted my entire post.

So, i got mad at it and refused to repost. 

until now, because the memories from that weekend was too wonderful to not blog about it. (and i was flipping through all the pictures, and wanting to relive it with you.)

Ryan's mom has many of these little houses...she sets them up into dainty little villages.

Christmas Eve dinner:)

Nothing like a little sparkly grape juice for the evening:) i love the bubbles.
Christmas decorations everywhere!:)
Christmas morning with the Brandenbergers! waiting to open presents.

one of my most favorite gifts this year from our sister, Katie. she MADE this picture frame with our wedding picture. Isn't this amazing?? She picked out a book called, Life at My Fingertips. Perfect, isn't it?
Brandenberger Christmas!

It was a joy to spend Christmas with this side of the family:). Thanks Brandenbergers for the memories!!! You're wonderful and we love you! 

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