Tuesday, January 4, 2011

highlights of winter in the south

 one of my favorite things about SC is the weather. I much prefer a warm sunny winter over a white bitter cold one. I got my fill of beauty and warmth my week at home in Beaufort, SC.

i went out with my lil sister for a morning white hot chocolate and donuts at dunkin donuts. I caught a picture of the sun peeking through the cheers in our front driveway, and tried to click a pic of it.

the pic just doesn't give it justice.

simple things like a fire and grilling is so much fun with my family. 

they just make it special. 

 here's my hubby and my daddy, grilling the filipino bar-b-q:)


 coffee on the back slab while dad grills seems to be one of our Christmas holiday traditions. Every year we bring our mugs out and watch the boys grill:)

 i love 'em.

call me crazy. i don't care. but look at these precious eyes. that's my boy, peyton. he and i are special buddies.  it was his birthday, and he put on his special Alien costum for the occasion. 

i've got so much more to share with you. even though out trip is over and i'm now sitting in my lil apartment in iowa, i'll be sharing about our trip this week. i'm kinda facing post-christmas blues...sad to leave my family and face reality once again, but i'm very thankful for the time i had with them.

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