Sunday, January 23, 2011

when parents were looked at with respect...

I remember way back
when parents were treated with respect.

and that was the norm.
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when moms and dads were looked at for comfort, wisdom, guidance, and boundaries.
when moms and dads told their kids the way things would be...and that was that, no questions asked.
parents were respected. 
When kids were asked to help out.
and excuses were not made.

i look around far too often. 
and i see kids running the families.
they are the ones calling the shots.
telling mom and daddy, "NO! I WANT IT!" 
and culture and media plays a much bigger influence-than the parents.

today, i got to experience a rare treat.
i saw kids respect their parents.
and not only their parents...
but other adults.
I was blessed to see these kids of different ages, not even after an hour of distance away from her, run to their momma, hug her, and say hello.
I saw their daddy put them to work;
and the kids were pleased that their daddy asked them to do it.
I saw them offer to do things for their mom-
and the mother was so respectful and thankful in her response to each of her children's requests. 

They each acknowledged me with a smile and a hello.
and sat for a while to chat - the whole time smiling at me.
they acknowledged the homeless man sitting in the room who was waiting for help...and they smiled and said hello to him like he was the most well dressed and best smelling person around. 
I noticed the parents speak to their children with the uttermost respect.

their grandparents walked in holding a few items.
the children jumped up, stopped what they were doing, and ran to hug and say hello to their grandparents...
and then took the things out of their hands to assist them.

just from the few moments with the whole family, it was beyond evident
that there is time invested in that family.
and closeness established between them. 

it touched me.
warmed my heart.

it was so refreshing...
how often do you get to see a family with children so respectful, so thoughtful, and so polite?

not often at all. 
hardly ever.


Anonymous said...

oh, Kristine... you're posting about me again, right??? ;) LOL!!! (sigh)

kristine marie said...

you write so well and i enjoy reading your blog. =)