Thursday, September 2, 2010

answered prayer- happy birthday, Ashley!!

"Does anyone have any prayer requests? yes, Kristine?"
"Please ask God that i could have a baby brother or sister."
for five years of my life,
anytime anyone asked me if anyone had any prayer requests or if there was anything i wanted to pray about, i would raise my hand high, and say,
"Please pray that God would give me a baby brother or sister."
anytime anyone would ask me, this was my response.
at Bible studies.
at choir practice.
in church.
family devotions.
sister devotions.
sunday school.
anytime at all.

i started this whole deal when i was three.
i was completely adamant that i needed to have a baby brother or sister.
and i think, i might have prayed specifically a couple months that i'd have twin brothers and sisters.
i'm sure my parents were thrilled that their child was praying for twins.
but i kept praying.
i remember asking God for a baby brother or sister when looking out the car window when we would go on a drive.

when i was 7, mom found out she was pregnant.
i knew, i just knew,
God heard my prayer requests.

when i was 8, i became a big sister.
she was my miracle baby.
the one i prayed for all those years.
and i finally got to have her!!

fifteen years ago, i got my answer to prayer!
and i still think of her as my miracle baby.
the one i prayed for and God gave me.
Happy 15th Birthday, Ashley Grace!!
i wish i could be with you and the family on your birthday.
i love you, little seester!


Becca said...

Happy birthday Ashley!
What a sweet and awesome story :)

Alexandra G. Smith said...

awwww, kristine, this is SOOOO sweet! :)

amylou said...

this so so sweet! What a blessing!