Saturday, August 28, 2010

thought it was friday.

[playing with the settings on my camera...]

i think i'm officially worn out for the week.
going back to work has been interesting.
iiii LIKE it!:)

i'm usually an early bird anyways, but it's fun to have an actual reason to get up in the morning.
and going to school and getting all the hugs from the kids is such a good reminder that i love my job.

The kindergarten class that i'm in, well, whoo! you have to be extremely caffinated to keep up with the lil rugrats-extra cup of coffee?
yes, please!
i don't know, but coming home after work, sitting down for a minute with the intention of resting, and realizing you've fallen asleep and it's midnight has to tell you how i'm adjusting to the pace of working life again:).
(but i have to say, i was kinda disappointed to wake up and find out my friday evening was shot cuz i fell asleep. i was looking forward to it.)

anyways, it was supposed to be friday when i posted this, but, technically it's not.
(it's 1:00 am)
i'm just so wide awake, now that i've napped a whole night's worth of sleep.
but thats ok.

fridays are jeans day at school.
it's an extra fun reason that i love fridays.
it's just nice after a week of work clothes (which i like too!), to decide friday morning, what to wear and think, "oh, hey! BABY, JEANS DAY!" (yeah, yeah, that really goes through my head.)
it's the little things that perk up the day:).

i'm already seeing how busy life is going to be this next year.
already, my afternoons have consisted of after school work, and my evenings have been booked solid with meetings.
i welcome it.
i like being busy.
happy friday evening for me, and saturday morning to you!:)


Becca said...

Whew, that sounds like a lot of adjusting! But it is fun to have a real schedule and some busyness to your days. Glad you're having fun :)

amylou said...

Jeans Day! = Awesome!