Friday, September 10, 2010

far away food.

i love five guys.
it gives me fabulous memories from chicago.
mostly memories with my sisters, babysitting clients, and sweet friends.
we get a lil piece of happiness when we get the chance to go.
we have a new one an hour and a half away from here.

soooooo amazingly good.
i would make a special trip up there just to eat there.
the everlasting supply of peanuts.
[i personally don't like eating them, but i love the idea of having them there. free peanuts!]
[the malt vinegar is the only acceptable addition to the large amount of fries they give you.]
and of course the burger with only the best free toppings.
why do i love food so much?
just looking at these pics makes my mouth water...
another trip up to the city maybe?

happy weekend!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

ask for a side of hot sauce the next time you go. it goes soooo good with the fries! it reminds me of that fish/n/fries place we went to when were little kids. love you!

Becca said...

Aw, I've seen Five Guys all over the place but never tried it. Vinegar on fries?? Hmmm.....
I'm glad you love it, Kristine :)

Alexandra G. Smith said...

uhhhhhh, i'm drooling right now! I LOVE five guys!