Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we care.

i always ask the kids when they have their birthdays.
and today, it popped into my head that it was Miguel's birthday.
he hadn't even realized it!
so i quickly scrounged up some candles, stabbed a cookie with them and made an impromptu cake.

he loved it.

imagine turning eleven.
and not even realizing that it's your birthday, because no one else remembered it was your birthday.

it breaks my heart.
happy 11th birthday miguel.


Alexandra G. Smith said...

awww that is sooo sad! i would never forget my own birthday! yall are soo sweet kristine! i know there will be great rewards for yall in heaven! keep up the good work!

Becca said...

Wow what a sweet thing to do. It is so sad that he forogt about his own 11th birthday.
And I second what Ale said- keep up the good work!