Wednesday, September 15, 2010

yeah, dog.

life is kinda crazy.

[uh-huh. it's a dog in the air]
[it's a jumping dog]

i'm interested in showing the progress of my lil home.
but can i be honest?
our home just isn't cute yet.

so i thought i'd show something interesting.
and the jumping dog is all i've got.:)

two great things about this thing that's not so great:

1. working til 5 each day is officially over:). i was working ETA, which is the after school program here. but they hired a college gal, so now i can go home at a decent time each day now.

2. i love my Wednesday afternoons and evenings with this nut:

we go to Bible club together, and then grab a bite to eat at either Burger King or Mcdonalds.
i like hearing about his day at school when it's just the two of us.
hear his thoughts on his teachers (he's a huge fan of his classroom teacher, one of the few men in our school),
his reading,
his recess,
his friends.
he's got alot to say:)
we choose a place to eat after club.
usually its burger king (cuz he things it's hilarious that i'll climb into the play place to race him up and down the slide.)

one thing that's not so grand...
i hate it when adults yell at kids.

they choose not to talk to them like people.
they just scream to get their point across.
i think my face gets really hot when i see it happen.
if i could turn bright red, i probably would.
today, i about burned up when someone yelled at some kids who were just being...well, kids.

it's a hot spot and it is one of my biggest annoyance.
respect the kid, please.
screaming doesn't work.

i'm pretty easy going when it comes to most things.
but that's one i find no excuse for.
no matter how unruly that child is.
they might not have anyone to tell them otherwise at home.
show them love.
through words.
even the way you SAY things.
you might be the only one that shows that kid love.

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