Saturday, September 4, 2010

a blur

life has been a blur.
ever since work started, i feel like things are going so fast.
the weather is changing rapidly.
once it starts getting chilly in the day, i immediately freak out.
i don't want winter to come!
this southern blood gal hates the cold weather.

and work has been keeping me busy.
but guess what? amidst all the busyness of life, we're starting to get our life back in order, post-flood.
we lost alot of our storage space, chests and closets that all drowned.
but i figured out ways to make things fit everywhere in the house.
at first i was cramming,
but now i am rolling!:)
and guess what came in this truck??
half of our couch and a new chest of drawers for our bedroom.
i'm starting to enjoy walking into our room's not completely bare:)
and yes, only half of our couch...because they keep ordering the wrong second half of it.
so we just asked if we could at least have the second half.
and the living room is getting more homey each time we make a new purchase.
we don't have pics of our new furniture yet. soon. i promise.

oh! this week, i got a facial.
can you say heavenly?
i was all dazed as i walked our of the aveda parlor.
i was so relaxed.

happy labor day weekend, ya'll!
i'll be back online with more soon.
it's just been kinda a blur of a week.

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