Sunday, September 26, 2010

no picture post.

i felt great this morning.
so i bustled around like any normal sunday morning.

we had a picnic at church and it was alot of fun.
some of the kids came and enjoyed it with us!:)
we ate, visited with others, and enjoyed yummy food.
one family from church asked the kids over to their house and they were so excited!
so they went, and that gave ryan and i a sweet afternoon alone...

or so we thought.

i came home.
sat down.
and then realized as i rested how much pressure was in my head.
it hurt.
there was so much pressure in there that i couldn't handle it anymore.
i was a mess of tears and throbbing.
i think i overdid my movements and activities during church and picnic today.
i wanted my mom more than anything to hug me.
i wanted my dad to stroke my hair and tell me it was ok and i'd feel better soon.

so, ryan and i took a trip to the hospital.
to the ER is where we were recommended to go.
i got checked out.

still not sure what's happening in my twenty something year old noggin.
the sweet lil doctor lady said something about muscle spasms?
and that the slamming of the car might have triggered migraines or stress and tensions headaches?

on the bright side they took a CT scan of my brain.
i tried to make my brain smile big for the picture.

i felt like i was entering a ginormous dyson fan!!
or a space thing!
and they wheeled me around in a wheelchair-that's always fun.

so, that's where i'm at right now.
laying down again resting.
hmm...wonder when this'll end.

until then-happy week to you all:)


Becca said...

Aw. Kristine, that's terrible. I'm sorry :(

this free bird said...

Take care of yourself. That sounds painful and kinda scary, too!!


AmyK said...

Aw, just seeing this! Hope you're okay!