Monday, September 20, 2010

colorful vintage

the antique show at the clay county fair was something else.
the toy section tickled me pink and my eyes got bigger each passing color.

i was tiptoeing around this section because each lil tiny piece of colorful glassware costs like a hand and a foot.
but i had to take a look.
take a look with me:) and let your eyes grow bigger with each bit of color that paints the rainbow.

remember raggedy ann and andy? the sweet friends ready to hold your scarfs or hats!

and of course, you've seen this before, but the kissing couple: me and ryan:)

what do you think of the old dolls? I think if i'd been around during this time of dolls, i might have gotten scared of them.
:) their cute...but kinda creepy. their eyes just stare right at you.

and then of course the section that i adored and wished i could take home with me just to look at.

happy monday, ya'll:)

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