Monday, September 6, 2010


my camera and i have been clicky happy lately.
i've been trying to study it, and practicing the different light settings on it on certain items in our place.
i've been randomly clicking at things and some of the pics make me laugh.
but i thought i'd use this as an opportunity to introduce you to some of our new friends in our place.

this is our new entertainment center.
nope, it's not red...the red one was really low and just to darn short for the room.
so we got this one, with a really pretty heavy wood.
we're going for quality in our home now;)
no more ikea, because they all drowned instantly in the flood.
the real wood items lasted and were easy to clean up!
[this picture of the tv makes me laugh...we were watching Wizards of Waverly Places and that just happened to be the shot on the tv.]

my bulletin board with all the pictures absorbed too much moisture during the flood, so i had to pitch it.
in it's place ryan and i found this sweet coffee sign. we couldn't resist and we bought it.
i'm thinking a curtain on the window above it, could run along side of the blank parts of the wall and add color and happiness to the sign:).

with all the clicking i was doing, damian decided he needed to try it out too.
he went flash crazy and thought that was the coolest thing.
happy labor day ya'll!

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Maria @ The Trochelmans said...

I'm loving your entertainment center-and the TV! ;)

What kind of camera to do have? Do you like it? We are going to be buying (a good quality) one soon and have NO idea where to start!