Monday, September 6, 2010

cookies fault.

i had a need.
a want.
a desire.
ooh, wow, it sounds so selfish already.
but i did.
i was on a hunt for it.
it'd been on my mind all weekend long.
i searched website after website to find it.

it was those darn cookies fault.
i wanted a cookie jar.
it all began because i baked 4 dozen cookies from scratch.
they came out beautiful, moist, and so delicious.
(thank you betty crocker!:))
AND only the first batch had burnt bottoms.
hurrah! success!
ryan and i each ate a couple for dessert that night.
mmmhmmm...dunked in a cold glass of milk-it was perfect!

but then i had 36 cookies left.
what to do????
so i found my biggest bowl.
and flipped it over the plate of cookies.

the next day, i had a cookie.
it wasn't as beautiful or moist as the night before.
so i did some more milk dunking to moisten it...still good!:)

that evening the kiddos came over.
and they were hungry.
so i offered them some milk and cookies.
boy, did they enjoy it.
they ate all the cookies.
and i think it's part of being a woman to get so much satisfaction of feeding, nurturing, and caring for others.
so i was thrilled that they loved the cookies.
(even the burnt bottom ones!)
they kept saying,
"these are awesome!"
"better than [other] kind of cookies!"
"can i have more cookies and milk please?!"
"mmmmm sooooo good!"

ah, comments like that does a girl's heart good:)
and definitely makes me want to make more cookies.
so i got to thinking.

why not fill a cookie jar full of cookies and treats, and let them reach in whenever they would like a cookie?!
i know my husband would like it.
and the kiddos kept toppling over the big bowl anyways to reach for another cookie.
a cookie jar would be such a treat to have for the kids and my husband!

one thing though.
i had no cookie jar.
so i went online searching.
all weekend i looked on websites.

and guess what?!
today, ryan and i took a short trip up to the nearest city where i stopped by my all time favorite store: pier 1 imports!

and there, i picked up my very first,
cookie jar!
isn't she darling??
she's big and fat so there's plenty of room to hold lots of cookies.
4 dozen to be exact.
and she's a welcome sight in our kitchen.
i can't wait to introduce her to the kids tomorrow.
maybe i'll even have them help me fill her up with new homemade cookies!


Becca said...

Oh hello, cookie jar.
She is going to be such a fun part of your life, Kristine!

amylou said...

Beautiful! I bet she brings happiness to the kitchen and the husband's tummy! haha