Wednesday, May 5, 2010

what color would you like? "blue."

Do you remember this special marble?


I get to share it with you now.
I got this special marble from a special person in our lives. It was his treasure that he found. and he gave it to me.

Baseball season is starting. And blessings are a blooming.

We have the joy to sponsor this young man to play baseball.
We are his personal cheerleaders. his sponsers. Coaches. Encouragement that he desperately needs. so we're gonna do it in the stands and through baseball.

We're praying for this seven year old. alot. join us?:)
[signing his first baseball-he refused to play with it, because he wanted to display it and show it to everyone.]

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Anne said...

LOVE your pictures!! It was so fun to meet you guys last night... we are beyond excited to have you here. FINALLY! Thank you, Lord.