Tuesday, May 18, 2010

monthly additions

Each month, we add to our little home together. This month, we added curtains and nightstands to our home. I'm so excited!

These curtains caught my eye like two months ago. I love Urban Outfitters, however, we don't have one here in Storm Lake, neither do we have one anywhere near here. Soooo, I looked at these curtains like every DAY hoping the price for the curtains would change from $28 per panel.Yeah, I wasn't willing to pay that and buy two of them, so i waited. It dropped down to $19.99 each; and i hoped and hoped and hoped that I could get the curtains-i just could not justify paying 20 bucks for one panel, but [hip-hip-hooray!] last week, whoo hoo! it dropped down to $9.99 per panel! So, i happily ordered them, and now, look at my cute cozy living room!:)
living room
living room

We have a high bed, and without glasses or contacts, we're both pretty near sighted-especially me. Usually each night, I placed my glasses on the floor next to my side of the bed, but in the dark, with no corrective lenses, I couldn't see my glasses when I got up in the middle of the night.
yep, i stepped right on my glasses and flattened the frames completely. I was horrified and frustrated. Ryan had just bought some new glasses, so, with the intent of not having his glasses squashed into a hanger as well, we thought we'd invest in the nightstands.
with some bending, manly hubby muscles, and carefulness, Ryan bent my glasses back into shape.

ryan took me shopping for the night stands and i had so much fun picking it out! and even better-God knew our need, and it was on sale. boy, do i love those words:) We got two beautiful nightstands for a great price.
God chooses our needs; He provided these things for us. Thanks God!


ilene joyce said...

you are hilarious. the curtains look great - and i lovelove the nightstand.

i'm not surprised about the 'crunching' of the glasses. i think its funny. haha. very kristine-esque. ;)

miss you!

Naty said...

Im glad. u have a curtain in your living room now. next step - your bedroom
your nightstand looks good and sturdy.
good job waiting for a good price.
love, mom.