Saturday, May 22, 2010

coffee in bed

The past week have been a whirlwind of activities-practically non-stop. Ryan and I have been so busy that each night we would fall into bed absolutely exhausted, but thankful. God definitely knew what He was doing when He commanded us to rest one day and work the other six days. If one is doing what God commands, working hard for Him is a privilege, and that one rest day is much needed and savored to replenish to be ready for another full week. Saturdays are our rest days, because Sunday is still a day of work and ministry for both my husband and I as he has taken the full responsibilities of pastoring the church.

I woke up this morning, ready to go and get stuff done, but then decided to slow down and not rush to get up, and do my quiet time in bed. So i made coffee, polluted it with all the good stuff [creamer and sugar] and brought it back to bed with me.
Ahhhh....did my soul good. I'm studying Ephesians 5 right now about husbands and wives-i might have to share about that next time.

After my devotions, I sat in bed thinking about the week. so much has happened, but it all will slow down next week when school ends. Alot has been burdening my heart, with the kids getting out of school, and so many of them not having meals or being cared for at home, and I can't stop thinking about it. I've been praying so much for the kids that I can be in contact with this summer-the ones down the street in the parks, the ones in my neighborhood, etc. There are so many kids without love, and all I can do right now is pray until God opens up a door to reach out.
Two and a half more days at school. Two and a half more days to give hugs and love to the kids who are unloved.

But besides all that, here's a few pics that I took this past week. We are so thankful! It was a week rich with blessings-people in our lives that we got to spend time with!

it was the last week of mentoring-i got to see my mentee three times this week:) We're making a scrapbook of the year together-it isn't finished but it was fun to do a little of it together.
Ryan and his kid has connected so well. It makes me kinda sad to see the mentoring program end, because the two of these guys really enjoyed their time together.

worms make me feel icky, but it was fun to see the smiles on these boys faces as they dug up the squiggly wiggly creatures.
[btw, we named this worm "snakey"]
ryan and I went over to our friends' garden. They are growing so many vegetables and invited us to come out and pick some. So we got some mixed lettuce and radishes straight from the garden...mmmm, yummy.

from the garden:
to my kitchen:)

I hope your day of rest is also restful and refreshing!


Anne said...

Good Morning :) Just fyi - I have you featured over at - feel free to post about it, in case you want any of your readers to check it out. Thanks again for sharing your story!! I know people will be blessed.
Anne :)

Kirsten said...

Hey lady! I came across your blog on someone else's blogspot, and thought it would be a great one to follow! My husby and I are in a similar stage of life as you, although we are a few years older and I thought we could offer encouragement to each other! Feel free to follow me: :)