Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"encouragement" for #4


yes, he had his first game. he was so excited, although he doesn't show that emotion on his face. he kept asking questions, wondering about things, and then he got hit with the excitement of his 10 special tickets to use on at the concession stand. His eyes were shining as he looked at all the possibilities of what he could use his ten tickets on. more on that in a sec.

i think one of the best parts of the games is how the boys feel like part of a team. it is pretty neat to be dressed like 7 other kids wearing the same uniform and feeling cool cuz people are clapping for you.
it's thrilling.
especially for this lil man.

he had probably the loudest cheering section there. Two of his classroom teachers came to watch him. WOW!
remember when i said he doesn't show emotion on his face? His face LIT up and he grinned this big grin (and even showed his teeth in his big smile!) that made his day. we were hootin' and hollerin' and cheerin' and clappin' for this special boy in our lives.
[Ms. H and Ms. Flink]
[Tegan and i took pictures and ate popcorn together:) (well, she ate the popcorn and i held the bag. haha.)]

After the game, Chris ran to me ready to use those ten tickets. We ran over to the stand and he stared at all the goodies inside.
*shakes his head*
"laffy taffy?"
*shakes his head*
he got excited. his head bobbed up and down.
"yes please." he told the man over the counter.
The man handed him his very own hotdog and C quietly asked me," is there ketchup ms. bb?"
"Here you go."

He loved ordering his own hotdog. he loved squirting the ketchup. after he ate his hotdog, he looked at me and said," um. I'm still hungry! can i go back? I only want to use one ticket more."
haha, anyone else loved going to the concession stands during a baseball game? i know i did. still do.
He's so funny. He was so careful about spending that ticket.
After the game, we talked about encouragement. I asked him if he knew what it was and he said no. I told him, "Encouragement is those nice things that people say to you that make you feel great."
then i asked him, "did you feel encouraged when you heard people cheering and clapping for you when you hit that ball?"
He smiled and said, "yeah, it made me feel good."
yes! God is good.
we can see how HE is working in this lil boy's life:).
oh, and let me share my most favorite picture from the game:) you can see why-his big grin kinda melts my heart.

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