Friday, May 2, 2014

Like her daddy

This week, we went down to Kansas this week to visit Ryan's mom.
During that time, we encountered so many things that make Ryan the man he is today, and the darn good daddy he is to Lux. 
We looked at pictures, talked about his childhood, played with his old toys.
One thing that his mom brought out for Lux this week was this horse. 
30 years ago, Ryan received it on his first birthday...I couldn't pass up the chance to take pics of this kid with her daddy's horse.
She rocked it.
 no pun intended.

She climbed that horse all weekend, and lovingly gave it pats, kisses, and hugs, as I'm sure her daddy affectionally many years ago.
Going through his baby books and photo albums was really cool. 
At first glance, she might not look like him, but boy, they have almost the same expressions in MANY of the pics that we looked at and look almost exactly alike (besides the differences in hair and skin color:-D). 
I might have to post some and compare-it's pretty sweet.

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