Saturday, May 3, 2014

Momma's best bud

We had a happy mail day when this arrived. 
Mommas, this could be your very best friend at home. 
I have to admit, that I immediately placed it on the door knobs in Lux's room, and tried slamming the door, shutting the door with force, closing the door normally..
Each time was silent.
This thing is so simple, yet, genius.

Please excuse the baby not wearing pants. 
But she's rocking the leg warmers and diaper look.
hope thats okay with you.

 I was amazed by the simplicity of it, but how effective it was.
Lux and I took turns shutting the door, and then she took a whack at chewing on it. 
It's too well made to be destroyed.

There are so many different colors and designs, it was kinda hard to choose which one I wanted for her room. There are some suuuuuper cute ones in the shop that I kinda want to grab for other doors in the house. 

I'm seriously thrilled by it. If you're a mom with a baby, toddler, a few littles, or people who might slam doors or make noise, you've gotta invest in this. 
I had such fun when she went to bed and I opened and closed her door with ease.
It's one of those must-haves that has made it in a bunch of family/parenting magazines-highly recommended.

Try them out. 
Latchy Catchy.
At least check out the shop.
You'll probably want to get one if you do.
or three.
or one for each door in the house.
I love this so much, i just MIGHT have to give one away.


Latchy Catchy said...

What great review! My favorite yet! Can I use one of the bedroom shots on instagram? Love your pictures.. I'll happily tag you :) Glad you're loving it!!

kBr said...

Please do!