Saturday, April 26, 2014


...when a big holiday is over, and all the candy is on clearance. (including white chocolate m&ms and white Chocolate Cadbury eggs...)

...when days are spent outside, walking to every destination, and every other spare moment is spent exploring the front yard. (the back isn't as exciting.)

...when these two come tromping down the hallway each morning
...when Hubs, works at home and we can watch and stare at him all day long (and with these two girls in this house that adore him, you can believe that we totally do it too!)

...when Alexio curls up beside me during Lux's nap time and my devotion time

...when Lux goes down for a nap or bedtime and gets snuggly right before it

...perfectly pudgy pinchable cheeks on the little boo that lives in our house...

...when Lux wakes up from a nap and she's beaming from ear to ear, jumping in her crib and laughing

...when it's a happy mail day and something fun comes in the form of a package!

...when I have evening chats with a dear friend, outside on the front step, with a cup of coffee, and our rambunctious puppies roaming our yard, um, street.

...white chocolate m&m's (oh wait, did i say that already? I've gotta finish the bag so it no longer tempts me...)

...the very first morning light, when the day is brand new
...when i cook a meal, and everyone from Ryan to Alexio (i guess that only leaves Lux in  between), are eating, having seconds, and wanting left overs the next day.

...knowing that tomorrow is Sunday afternoon and my little family can come home, put on sweats, and enjoy some family time after a crazy busy week

...the fact that my parents and little sister will be here in May. Um, so yeah, I will NOT be available for anything anywhere at anytime the weekend they're here. I'm soaking up my family time with them, and probably gonna be eating really good meals that MOM will cook, watching Lux with  her grandparents and auntie, and probably swelling with happiness because i rarely ever see them (distance is painful.) 

...closing a somewhat tiring day with a blog post and looking through all my favorite pics of Lux

...going to bed.

Good night and happy weekend, ya'll!!

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