Friday, May 16, 2014

10 things you might not know about us...

1. We are total homebodies. When everyones home, its difficult to want to leave, because we love being at home all together.

2. Ryan's never broken a bone. I've broken my arm three times. and Lux has yet to break anything (thankful!).

3. I still get excited when I see weather related school delays. I don't know why. Its been almost a whole year of not working at school, but I still get this giddiness and feel like the whole day is free...even if it isn't.

4. My older sister and I were featured in toy catalogues when we were kids. I remember having so much fun playing with toys when they were taking pics.

5. Ryan knows how to ride horses like a pro. I'm however, like a stiff sack of potatoes on the back of a horse.

6. Lux is a brand rep for three new online clothing shops. She doesn't know this though. 

7. I used to be a really touchy feely huggy person, but somehow that went away after college.

8. Ryan loves asian culture. and asians. haha. 

9. I get super awkward when in large groups. which is strange, cuz i used to THRIVE in large group settings...back in college and before.

10. Alexio used to be a DEMON dog as a puppy. Like literally, i could not control him as he bit me over and over and over again with razor sharp puppy teeth. And then one day, he was the SWEETEST dog in the entire world. 

Just a few fun random facts about us. 
Hope your week is swell, ya'll! 

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Gen Delali said...

Lux looks so cute!