Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful amazing mom in the world.
You are one of the biggest influences of my life.
Made me into the woman and mom that I am today!
I'm so thankful that you're my mom, but not only that, you're Lux's Lola, which means she gets those same blessings of craziness, laughter, and fun that I got to have with you. She is totally in for the best times of her life when she's with you!

Thank you for letting us see you pray and read your Bible.
Thank you for your sacrifices that you made for our family.
Thank you for the love you have for daddy and the example you set for us.
Thank you for talking to us about boys and life and still enjoying those same conversations with us!:)

Thanks for being the best mom in the world!
You are beautiful both inside and out, and make me pray and hope to be even half as good a mom as you were to us.
Love you so tremendously much, mom!
You're amazing!

Read my tribute to my mom HERE.

Happy Mother's day to Ryan's mom as well, and Lux's Grandma!
You helped mold Ryan to be the man he is today, the husband he is, and the amazing daddy he has become! I am forever grateful for the influence you had in his life, and the way you raised him! 
Thank you for the love you have for your kids, for me, and especially for Lux...she adores her grandma!

Happy Mothers Day, Ya'll!

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