Friday, May 23, 2014

Memories in the moccasins - Freshly Picked

We got these sweet Goldenrod moccasins a little before her 10 month birthday.
100% Genuine Leather in the most beautiful yellow that goes with any outfit that I could create.
I couldn't wait to put them on, at the same time, I wanted to preserve their beauty and boldness of color for as long as I possibly could. 
Problem is, with a 10 month old comes mobility and energy, which aren't always the most gentle way to keep things pretty and perfect.
I stuck these babies on her, let her do whatever it is babies do.
I CRINGED on Easter, when she crawled outside. I had never let her touch the ground until that day, but with reassuring friends saying she won't die from the dirt and grime of the outdoors, and her daddy encouraging her, I let her go and explore.
Glad I did, cuz she had a ball.

However, those Goldenrod Mocs felt the effects of crawling on concrete and grass.
I was so sad to see them not perfect and beautiful anymore.
But I got over it and watched the expression on her face go from smiling to beaming from all the exploring she was allowed to do.
 After a few days of rain, there was finally a warm(ish) sunny day, so Lux and I hit the front yard in the Goldenrods.
I got to visit with one of my friendly neighbors, and all the while, not realizing all the places Lux was standing and walking over.

They had mud caked all over them.
I had to remember, the shoes aren't for keeping perfect and clean.
Especially for an active 10 month old. 
She was supposed to walk in them. 
Climb in them.
Crawl in them.

 I found though, that these shoes were easily cleaned off with a simply baby wipe.
It was amazing and i got all the mud off.
All the while, the moccasin still remained in tack and were able to endure the scraping ride the rode along the cement sidewalk. 

These shoes have become my go-to shoe for Lux.
It doesn't matter what we do, whether it running to the store, playing in the yard, heading to the park, They are super easy to slide on and I don't have to worry about them coming off.
They're about the only shoe that Lux will keep on her feet, because to her, it feels like part of her foot with the soft soled leather.

These specific Goldenrod moccasins will always remain super special to me.
I will never get rid of them, because after a month of letting Lux live in these shoes, and seeing how wonderfully they are still holding up and staying on, There is a special little imprint of her foot forming on the sole.

Her footprint as a 10 month old will forever remain in this shoe.
She made so many memories for me to look back on with these moccasins.
Her first steps were in these moccasins.
Her first Easter.
Her first experience exploring the outdoors.
Climbing, crawling, walking, shopping..they all happened in this moc.

I think that's my favorite part about them.
The imprint at the bottom.
And as we use them more and more, her whole foot will be imprinted, and I can see those teeny toes and keep those memories close to me whenever i look at them. 

Freshly Picked are probably the most coveted shoe for babies in the market right now.
And for good reason too.
They come in a variety of gorgeous colors in genuine soft leather.
We love our Cherry Red and Huckleberry Purple...
and Rose Gold is the next on our docket of Freshly Picked to get.

They don't budge off your babies foot, which means you don't go chasing after little shoes or wondering where you lost them. 
I love these moccasins so much, they're pretty much the best thing ever invented for littles' footsies.
And the cutest.

And because of it, I get to give a pair of these incredibly yummy moccasins to one of my followers.
It'll be both on instagram and my blog, so hope you follow one or the other or both, because this is one of the sweet things I'm giving away in celebration for Lux's 1st birthday.
And you get to pick whichever color and size you want.

And if you simply can not wait because this post has made you drool with delight over these pairs of adorableness, go to this link: Freshly Picked Moccasins and drool some more and/or order a pair. 

I can't even wait til June 10th to start the giveaway!!!!

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