Monday, May 5, 2014

Beauty in color

Some of my favorites from the afternoon carnival at the trailer park in celebration of Dia del Nino. 
 She continues to be one of my favorite kids to take pics of. 
Those eyes.
 Funny story...we found alexio's daddy.

 I tried this one. 
They said I would throw like a girl and offered to hold it still.
I nailed it on the first try.
(then I told Ryan to do it...he missed:-D)

 my babes.
 sweetly innocent.
 This kid has always made me smile.
 He didn't want to leave the car track.

 how gorgeous is this sweet little boy?

 "Kristine, take a picture of me working!"
 "I can't believe the clown knows how to paint SWANS."
 "Take a picture of me! I'm gonna make a face!"
 Precious little girls.
Dunking for apples is an extreme sport.

 those dimples.
 This little one kept giving me hugs...wish i knew her name!
 Alexio's daddy and huggy girl:).

 have you ever seen a cuter mustache wearer?

broken arm. piñata. nothing can stop him:).

 ice cream assembly line in the rain.
my one pic!:)
 Jay won by a jar full of tickets the best prize of all. 
During the group pic, he was pleasantly attacked by it.
How beautiful is our world of color...

"Red, and yellow, black, and white.
They are precious in HIS sight."

and how wonderful is it, that we've got that beauty right in our little town?
So many cultures, races, and lives represented right here.  

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