Wednesday, May 14, 2014

it stayed on her head!

I told Ryan a few weeks ago that I needed to find a hat for Lux, cuz i'm kinda nervous about what to do for a half white baby and the sun. (I never had to worry about getting burnt growing up...i just turned super dark, but not burnt.) Shortly after, this opportunity came up and filled that need!

We got to pick out a hat for Lux to check out, from Little Fits Hats 4 Kids
Such fun, because the hats are made for little heads-they can fit a 6 month old! (and lots of fun choices).

We waited three whole days to use the hat, since we had some dreary days, but today we got to spend a majority of the day outside, in the yard and then on a walk to the park.

Easily the perfect hat for our active girl. 
Fits perfectly, well made, and super fun.
Lux even liked it and didn't mind having a hat with a bill on her head...especially after she tasted it.

Summers coming ya'll. If you have littles and need a hat that won't fall off their heads and is fun and sporty, I'd check out Little Fit hats. 
It's perfect for the very active mobile kid or baby.

Better yet, I get to give one away to one of my readers-hopefully to someone who has a little or knows someone who would love it, In June.  I've got a fun month of giveaways and reviews in honor of Lux's 1st birthday. 

Spread the word and share my blog. Cuz June'll be a fun month as Lux turns one.


Aubrey said...

I would love one for my little man..... i have been looking for a camo hat for him and cant seem to find any..... Lux is such a cutie.....

Gen Delali said...

she's so adorable and cute!

kBr said...

Aubrey, check back in June!:) I'll have a giveaway with a couple other goodies for littles!!!

kBr said...

Thank you