Monday, January 21, 2013

Gene machine

Back when we were dating, oh, 7 years ago, one of our favorite places to go was Dave and Busters. 
We'd have a meal and then play a bunch of games to get points for prizes.
It was seriously like the Chucky Cheeses for college students. 
We mostly played the games that could score us lots of points to trade in for a prize, but sometimes we'd try a few of the other things like the shooting gallery or the photo booths.
One of the funniest photo booths was the Gene Machine...and we tried it out to see what our future  children could look like.

We weren't too pleased with the outcome of our our futuristic child could look like.
We named this picture child, Jack Jack Attack, because, well, he kinda looks like he could attack and bite you in a second's notice. 
Not to mention he came out wearing amish clothing...
and if you look really closely, he's got tiny teeth that could, well, rip you apart.

Anyways, we've kept this pic on our fridge the past 3 1/2 years of our marriage, always joking about Jack Jack and if our kids ended up looking like him.
but here we are almost 20 weeks into our pregnancy and in the next couple weeks, we'll find out what the baby is.
I guarantee our baby won't come out looking like a vampire baby ready to attack (at least i hope not!) or wearing amish clothing.
But whether it's a boy or girl, we're thrilled to meet him or her and we will think the child is beautiful, because how incredible is it- this baby is made of the both of us! Mind blowing miracle.
I'm excited to see what our baby will look like:
tan with brown hair and hazel eyes?
lighter skin with darker hair and deep brown eyes?
dark tan with red hair and green eyes? (yikes! a little creepy.)
tan with dirty blond hair and blue eyes? (probably unlikely, but has happened before!)
however Baby BB looks, he or she will be the most loved little one in the world...and will be absolutely adorable;)

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